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Prior Gen Pro V's

Jeffery M

The last 2 years I've been playing the ProV 1x. In July I got all new Titleist set-up. I've compared and played both the new ProV's and the best ball for me so far has been the prior gen ProV1 with my set-up. I know sooner or later I will have to switch to the new ProV's as the prior gen will run out. Any TT members have this problem?

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  1. Joel L

    I was playing the previous 2014 ProV1x to start the year. I switched to the 2016 version and have seen a significant improvement in performance, length and spin. The new X is also more durable, play entire round with one ball many times. Don't know why you would get better performance from previous generation.
  2. Scott Golightly

    I'm having the same issue. I've been buying up any and all Pro-V1's I can find. I'm sure there are significant benefits to be gained with updating to the new ones but can't help chasing the familiarity and cost savings too!

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