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Have you tried the New DT TruSoft yet?

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager Team Titleist Staff

Hey Team Titleist,

Some of you may have already received a little surprise in the mail, the new DT TruSoft golf balls, and we want to hear your feedback.

If you’ve had a chance to put them in play, add a reply to this thread and let us know what you think so far.

Also, starting today (September 1st), you can find 4-ball trial sleeves of the new DT TruSoft at participating golf shops if you’re looking to give them a test drive.

As always, we can’t wait to hear what you have to say!



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  1. Sam K

    The new DT TruSoft has great feel. Seems to be slightly more durable than previous models, but I cannot substantiate that. They are a lot of fun for me 60 yards and in (Love the spin and softness on wedges). I can't quite put my finger on why I prefer the NXT Tour to any other ball. It makes me feel like I am hitting something with long irons, and when I miss hit, it is easier for me to know where.
  2. Chuck Z

    Mike, I normally play the Prov1, but during the winter I will pick up a dozen of the DT TruSoft. It is a great ball. That time of the year I will usually play the yellow ball because of the leaves on the course. The ball has a great spin around the green and I do like the distance on the ball. I find the Prov1 to be a little longer and it is my ball of choice. For those looking for a great performing ball but at a lesser price, I highly recommend the DT TruSoft ball. We are always hearing about folks wanting a yellow ProV1/X ball on this site. My recommendation is, play the yellow DT TruSoft. I know you will be pleasantly surprised.


  3. Dave N

    Mike I was a "Tester" 2 years ago for this ball, what changes have they made to it? I was fitted last Jan. for the ProV1X but the feel of the Trusoft is very appealing and prefer it to any in the line up.
  4. Amanda S

    As I've just started playing again this year after taking a few years off, this was the ball I started using and I absolutely love it. Great ball.
  5. Chris C

    I love the DT TruSoft. Loved the DT Solo as well. As a woman with a slower swing speed than some of you younger guys, it's a great ball for me. Great distance and great feel on and around the green. Though I didn't get a sample of the newest one, I'll definitely pick up some of the 4-ball sleeves.
  6. DAWG

    Played a round today with the new Titleist DT Truesoft, which was given to me by my playing partner. I liked it so much that I went to Dick's after my round and bought two dozen in yellow.
  7. Terry M

    After playing this ball over the weekend I am not sure why anyone would play Pro V or NXT unless you never lose a ball. For less than half the price of Pro V this ball provides tremendous value. I was getting good spin on my approach shots and the durability of the cover was great. It certainly feels a little softer than PV but it isn't too soft. I will be playing these along with Chrome Soft X for the foreseeable future. I like the Truvis pattern on the CSX and if I can find a dozen for $30 I will jump on them.
  8. EFanny

    Thanks for sending me a sleeve. Took them out and played them head to head with ones I had just purchased. Note I'm around a 7 handicap. I really didn't notice a big difference. Little more spin and had two really nice drives with the new ones. All things considered in my opinion they are just what I expect to get when I purchase a Trusoft ball.
  9. kevin g

    My package came last night and I put the ball in play today . I must say that Titleist DT Trusoft is actually true to his word it's a softball that performs with my slow swing speed. Thank you Titleist for the nice surprise in the mail.
    Post Image
  10. Ruben G

    I received my shelve in the mail. Played with them on my next round. I'm a 16 handicap, I broke 80 for the first time(77). Trust me, moving forward this ball will be in my bag.
  11. Bob N

    The new DT TRUSOFT is a WINNER! Great distance, control and feel! It was a nice surprise to get these in the mail. Titleist, this is one great upgrade. Thanks for sending them and letting me get one up on my playing partners. Great for my confidence too!
  12. C

    The DT Trusoft is a nice mid level ball. It does hold the green nicely but does have a little forward release on shots into the green. Overall a nice ball and workable! Thanks for the sample!
  13. Dave B

    I received a sleeve of the new DT TruSoft to try and this ball is awesome. I seem to hit it straighter and about 10 yards farther. The feel is soft off the wedges too. I will be changing to this ball when I use up the last dozen of another brand I have. I am glad I got to try it.
  14. richard e

    I received a sleeve in the mail this week and put the Trusoft in play today. I usually play a cally Super Soft but lately have been using a NXT Tour. Ball felt great off the tee flying long and straight! It goes further than my normal ball and when it hit the green it checked up very nicely. Not as soft feeling but excellent overall performance. I played the same ball all day, it held up well from a durability standpoint and I stopped on the way home to pick up dozen of the yellow version.
  15. James S

    Received a sleeve in the mail. The new TruSoft is an excellent ball - 5-10 yrds longer off the tee & stops very well on the green. It has a very good feel off the putter. It is not a mushy sound like some other soft balls. I will be using this new ball as soon as it is available in golf shops. With all the clubs, this ball has a 'great' feeling.
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