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2017 ProV1x vs. 2013 ProV1x Partial Wedge Spin


Do you think the current ProV1x grabs and spins a little more on, say, a 20-30-40 yard wedge shot than the older 2103 ProV1x?

I kept playing the 2013's right on up through most of 2016, then played some other balls for a while and now I'm back to ProV1x but it's the 2017 model. I was always happy with short game response of the 2013 version but the 2017 is just PERFECT.

Really lands like a sack of spuds when I expect it to spin and it takes a soft little kick forward when I play it to release. I don't think my technique has gotten any better (don't I wish) so maybe the latest ProV1x just has an extra bit of grab.

BTW, I only ever played a dozen rounds or so with the 2015 ProV1x so I'm comparing 2017 to the old 2013.

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