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New prototype Ball by Titleist ??????


I found two Titleist balls today and they both had a black triangle on them. It looked like the old DCI symbol sign on it. The balls looked brand new. They almost resembled a Bridgestone ball but hitting them they felt softer. I really enjoyed hitting them, they had a nice feeling to them and a soft putting feel. Does anyone have more info on these balls?

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  1. Tom B

    Interesting as to where you might have found them. I played with some TT folks last week and saw similar. Don't remember them losing any though. I think you guessed right. It was explained to me but I'm not sure what I was told is for publication at this time so I'll let someone else speak up. Give it a try
  2. Rob_Roth1

    I got them also and yes they are a prototype but they won't tell you what ball it is. What I have seen is:

    - I feel the new 2017 Pro v1 flys farther
    - Prototype ball is much softer and feels more mushy off the putter face and wedges
    - Dimples look bigger
    - Ball seems to fly straighter but that also can be my swing
    - Ball is very durable
  3. Sam K

    Awesome find!
  4. Speedy

    Those could be the new DT or NXT golf balls but not sure. I think Mike D. posted something a while back about about test balls being sent out last month maybe and looking for reviews.
  5. Don O

    Titleist has at least 2 testing cycles. Initial seeding to amateurs generally has just symbols to "blind test" for feedback. Closer to the release, they will seed to more players balls marked as "Test" for wider feedback. I suspect that unless something terrible is reported back, the "Test" balls are essentially the final market versions. With 2 year cycles, you can only guess what the symbols are designated to replace. Likewise, they may represent a dead end design. Even those that receive them only know them as a mystery.
  6. Mark F


    As Speedy mentioned, Mike D. did post a couple weeks ago that the new version of the DT Trusoft was being sent to some of the T/T nation for evaluation. I received mine yesterday. The box said that they were the DT and so did the balls. No secret symbol on mine. Titleist does cycle their new versions every two years and now is the time for the DT, both NXTs and Velosity. It wouldn't surprise me if they did "code" the NXTs and maybe you found the new Tour S. For sure nobody at Titleist will tell you which symbol goes with which ball, so just enjoy your new find and in a few weeks when the new ones hit the stores you look at them and see which is which. Fairways and greens to you.

    Mark F
  7. Steve L

    I love it when I'm lucky enough to get the test balls. It's an honest evaluation of the ball when you don't have the bias of knowing what model it is. then again, all of the Titleist balls are great...

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