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Ball compression Video

Steve N

I have a friend that is concerned about ball compression. He claims that the PROV1X is 100 compression and can't be used by most amateur players. I need to educate him, and I know there was a video of a ball compressing on a two different drivers, each with different swing speeds. This video proves that the ball compresses with both swing speeds.

Can someone at Titleist help me with this video and any other facts to help me educate my friend?


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  1. Speedy

    Hey Steve,

    Check out this podcast that was done earlier this year. If you want, fast forward to about 7:30. All about compression and whether or not the numbers mean anything. Worth listening to the whole thing.

  2. Sam K

    Awesome info in the podcast, Speedy! Thanks.
  3. Don O

    The information was reasonably accurate at the time the Pro-V was introduced, there were 90 and 100 compression balls. My own experience with the 1x was nothing worked better for me for the last 5 years. My driver speed is under 90. I've tried all the lower compression balls in yellow when available and none have outperformed or even equaled the X. Do have to admit, the 2017 V is my new favorite. As long as the X and I like the softer feel around the greens. Time to update his bias. Balls most amateurs shouldn't use are some the low-price 2-piece distance balls. They are really hard to compress.
  4. Steve N

    You are Da Man Chris! Thanks.
  5. Dino J

    Hi Steve,

    Below is the Titleist Channel video on YouTube that features high speed video on golf balls and compression.

    This is usually a great video to help people understand compression and how golfers of all abilities on press the ball regardless of swing speed.

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