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Bob N

Titleist, received a sleeve of NEW DT TRUSOFT to try. This ball is a WINNER in distance and feel. I played this morning and it out performed cally, Bridgestone, Top Flite and srxn balls I've used. My playing partners were ready to take it from me. They could not believe I was hitting it that good. Thanks for the opportunity to try these before they come out. Be ready, I think this one is OUTSTANDING! Bob N

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  1. Gabriel G

    I loved the old ball, felt right for me. I envy you! Have fun!
  2. Steve S

    What is the date for them to go on sale? Pro V for me. But winter, I'll give them a try. Thanks!
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  3. Scott L

    I received the sleeve last week. Playing with them Saturday and Sunday. Looking forward to it...
  4. Bob N

    Steve, I think they are in stores on Sept 21st....... there are notes about 4 ball trial packs in stores now. Play well, Bob
  5. DAWG

    I bought 2 dozen last week after playing a round with one. Love the ball.
    Post Image
  6. Chuck Z

    Hey guys, don't forget to send the feedback to Titleist when notified in a couple of weeks as stated in the note in the package. Helps them in their R&D. You are an important instrument as well. Congratulations on being selected.
  7. Ryan M

    Interesting. I look forward to trying them.
  8. Dave L

    I received my test sleeve last week.
    I have the classic slow swing.
    These balls were made for me!!
    Too bad it's already mid-Sept.
    But Spring is only 6 months away...
  9. Guest G

    Titleist DT TruSoft is my ball of choice. Good feel, great distance with consistent performance.

    Jon H.
  10. Jose G

    I would have loved to try the new Trusoft! My friends are bragging about it (they received a free sleeve), but they have not shared!
  11. James S

    I also received a 3-pak sleeve and am looking forward to playing with them next week. Thanks, Titleist!
  12. Ginny W

    Just received my sleeve in the mail today. Excited to try them out tomorrow!
  13. Charles F

    Have not seen trusoft ball in stores.i have been using it similar
  14. David F

    I also received a sleeve this week. Went out this morning and shot a personal best! Is this a different ball from the Trusoft that Titleist has been selling all year? The sleeve box doesn't seem to indicate that it's a change. If this is the same ball that Titleist has been selling for awhile, how do I insure I get the latest model at my retail store. I played the DT trusoft last year and was not that impressed with it. This ball seems to be a lot better.
  15. John P

    This ball is GREAT!!!!!!!!! I've never hit any other ball farther and more straight. I'm 71 years old and not with the fastest swing speed in the world but these balls perform. I would recommend them to all golfers!
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