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List of Old Titleist ball models


Does anyone remember the name of the balls models from the late 90's?

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  1. Sam K

    Not sure when the NXT came out but I know the "Professional" was released in the late 90's. It had a more durable cover than its predecessor, the Balata. Im sure there are some very knowledgeable folks here who will clear this up for you!
  2. John B

    I remember playing the Titleist DT, HP2 and then HP2 Tour during that time I think.
  3. david s

    From memory the Professional and the Prestige were the two wound "balata" covered top quality balls in that era, and I think the HVC (High Velocity Core) was their first offering of a solid non wound construction premium offering possibly the forerunner of the Pro V1, I think Corey Pavin won a major using a HVC.
  4. Jason C

    In the 90's I would either play the HP2 Tour or the Professional.
  5. Chuck O

    I remember the HVC, HP2 and the Tour Distance. I played those and liked the Tour Distance best. It had a wound center. I also remember the Professional and Tour Balata. Those were both wound balls.

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