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ProV1 or ProV1X ?

Graeme W

I have played ProV1 since it was introduced. Previously it was the Titleist Professional ball, the HP2(??) and before that we all played the PTS 90 and the guys with the fast swings went with the PTS 100. The 90 and 100 referred to the compression of the ball linked to how tightly wound the balls were. We even had a ladies ball that was a PTS 80. All of this has long gone and I was told around 5 years ago by one of the marketing guys at Titleist that the PROV1 was around 88/91 compression and the X was around 96 compression, so I stuck with the lower compression. I am now 71 years of age and playing off a 6 handicap at Gullane Golf Club in East Lothian, Scotland. I believe that, with all the improvements in our equipment over the years, I still hit the ball as far as I did when I was a one handicapper at the age of 20. This, for me has extended my years of golfing pleasure, for which I am eternally grateful. I found a perfect ProV1X recently and played with it yesterday and last Saturday in good weather conditions. I am really quite puzzled by the lack of perceived difference in the two balls. I was delighted with the ProV1X and have avoided using it in the past as I assumed that I would not get a result from it as my swing speed would cause me to lose distance. That has not happened and I just may have gained a couple of yards. I was surprised to read that Henrik uses the ProV1 rather than the X and I asked a couple of Senior Pros recently at the Scottish Senior Open why they were playing ProV1 and not ProV1X as I expected. The answers that I got were spin rate. Spin rate seems to be the key to this question, but I am not convinced that a pensioner such as me, albeit with a 6 handicap, should be paying any attention to such a thing, if in fact, I can detect any differences in spin rate between the two balls. Some sort of understandable input to this question would be welcomed as I am at a bit of a loss in coming to a conclusion re which ball to use!!! Thanks in anticipation of a good, informative discussion,

Graeme D Webster

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  1. Jim W

    I have played ProV1's for years. On a whim, I used a 2017 ProV1x for a round recently. The noticeable difference was how the ProV1x jumped off the club head, mainly my driver, and also the stop and drop around the greens. I switched and am now solely playing the ProV1x. To each his/her own of course, but for me, it was an awakening.
  2. John B

    Hi Graeme,

    Congratulations of continuing to play so well at 71! The 2017 Pro V1s confused many of us this year because they changed the Pro V1 to be almost the same as the Pro V1X. I believe the biggest differences are that the V1 feels softer and flies lower while the V1X feels firmer and flies higher.

    I'm 55, play to a 4 hcp, carry my driver about 230 yds (97-99 mph swing speed), and play the V1X. So I think you should try both and pick the one you like the best. Either way will be a win-win for you.

    Good Luck.

  3. George G

    I am a Product Specialist w/Titleist and conducted V or X Golf Ball Samplings all Summer in Houston, TX.
    First off, let me state that John B described the differences in the balls perfectly.
    There has been some confusion in the marketplace with the 2017 model. The V was most improved, actually finishing downrange longer than previous models. Either ball would be a fantastic choice for any golfer, but one of the models should fit your game better than the other.
    From your description of your game, I believe the X is the ball for you. I believe you will hit it further than the V, because it's a little firmer and launchs higher.
    If you "find" a V, play it and make the conclusion for yourself!
  4. Don O

    On more traditional Scottish weather days, you might prefer the V over the X for a lower flight and longer roll. When the clay-based fairways in the Upper Midwest are bone-dry, the V definitely plays to my weakness (driver speed) better. In previous releases I found the X went further than the V. Now, I don't see that difference. So it comes down to softer feel/lower flight or not as soft (but softer than 96 compression) and higher flight.
  5. Rick D

    I played the Pro 90, as well. Also tried a sleeve of Balata balls once. Holy cow! Could I curve those things! The first set of clubs I owned I bought used, a set of Titleist 70's era sticks. 1,3,5 woods. 2-PW. The irons were a blade style with two weights in the back, heel and toe. I took them out for nine a year ago and hit a couple tee shots close to where I hit it today. The big difference was in consistency. I needed the timing to be just right, otherwise didn't get the distance. Irons were similar to what I see from my AP2's now, but those heads sure looked small! I think the ball is the big difference in distance, etc., for sure.

    I play the ProV1 and restocked this year with the new model. Playing in a Ryder Cup style tourney recently, in alternating shot my partner played the Prov1X. I hit my first putt and thought I mishit it, as it felt funny. It rolled true, though. We struggled the first few holes. Then when my turn at the tee I used one of mine. Could be coincidence, but we started pulling back into it and ended up winning.

    Graeme: My wife and I are planning a trip to your beautiful country a year from now and will be visiting East Lothian, Gullane included. I can't wait!
  6. augusto r

    congrats at 71 with a 6 handicap,i play ProV1x ,a little bit firmer and longer ,than the ProV1., remember the titleist balata very good ball.

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