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ProV1 v TruSoft

Stephen M

Living in North Carolina, I try to play golf year round. I play the ProV1 ball-it is great. When the weather gets colder, should I switch to the new TruSoft ball since it is soft and may be able to easier to compress?

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  1. Don O

    Compression isn't actually a factor. All balls lose distance as the temperature drops. If the X starts feeling too hard, then the DT Solo will not be the same shock to wrists and elbows. Others will play it for the amber color if that is easier to find. Playing in the lower 40's in Wisconsin, the new Pro-V1 works just as well in comparison to DT Solo. And still holds greens better. I'm not in competitions during these conditions, so I keep balls warm so I still get some performance off of driver.

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