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New DT TruSoft Cover?

Scott Golightly

I've seen a few of you post about getting a sleeve of Dt TruSofts early and was wondering if any of yall can lend some input on how similar the covers on the TruSofts are to the ones on the ProV1's? I just like the feel of the covers on the ProV1's and am wondering if they're very close, being marketted as a softer cover, or if they're of a totally different nature.

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  1. Gabriel G

    The ProV1x has a "click" feel when I hit it. Really not feeling "soft." The TruSoft does feel soft, very soft. For me the ProV1x checks up on the green more. The new TruSoft I believe is even softer than the old one.
  2. Don O

    They do feel soft - the difference between the X and the DT is noticeable on chips for feel and sound. However, I still get a lot more run out with the DT. I can't jump between the 2 easily.
  3. Ryan M

    Interested as well
  4. WCollins

    I have been playing True Soft since they came out. I just tried my first sleeve of the new design a couple of days ago. The feel of the original vs the new is very similar off the club, and much softer than a V or X. The new design does seem to go a bit farther than the original, but by just a few yards. Where I noticed the difference was on full short iron shots into the green. The original would have a drop, hop, and a little roll on most greens. With the new design, it was more of a drop, hop, and stop. Of course, these will not spin like a V or X, as they do not have a urethane cover, but that is to be expected. I play them for the soft feel off of the club. If you like the feel of the V, the Truesoft may be a bit too soft for your liking. Best way to find out is try a sleeve for yourself.

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