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Unqualified Suggestion

Scott Golightly

I've found a couple Pro V1's / Pro V1x's in bushes etc that have been nicely discolored (sort of an off-white color, just short of "tan"). Ordinarily I like collecting found balls but have an issue playing them... something about bad-ju-ju associated with playing a ball that got shanked. However, the COLOR is awesome, I love the discolored look. Seems worn and understated.

1- Anyone else agree, or am I just odd?

2- Just a totally unqualified suggestion for anyone at Titleist that reads this: Titleist ought to make a limited run, or special edition Pro V ball... could call them "Heritage Edition"... in a faded, almost tan color to mimic that look. Looks way old-school and I'd pay a nice round $60 for them.

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  1. rob0225

    No, I prefer the bright white clean look of a new ball.
  2. david s

    Same here, I like to play a new ball each competition.
  3. Scott Golightly

    I like a new ball, I just like the "vintage" looking color. Hence blending the two characteristics. Very understandable though, to each their own!
  4. Bob T

    I like bright white also but If I found an off color ball like you said and I scored well with it, I'd quickly become a fan of it. A heritage looking ball might be quite a new marketing idea!!!!!

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