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vurich Club Champion

Just read about a new test ball. AVX. Anyone have any info, knowledge of this? Is it replacing the PROV? Is it an additional line? Sounds exciting.

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  1. Don O

    And comes in amber as well as white. Apparently will be test-marketed in CA, AZ, and FL this winter. It will not be replacing the Pro-V's. The comments on the various forums outside of Titleist indicate it may be a "urethane cover ball for amateurs". Softer than the V's, and a different dimple pattern for distance. Hoping to get some contraband to WI in amber to see what I'm missing and may never otherwise get. At least 3 other vendors have entries into that type of ball.
  2. Chuck Z

    It is being tested in the three markets and will not be replacing any ball. Believe it was added to the line in those markets on Friday.

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