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Shelf life

Mark F

Hello T/T,

I know that this question has been asked about as often as wanting yellow Pro Vs, but I'm old and I don't remember the answers. I also know that extreme temps affect the shelf life of a golf ball, but my question is how long is a ball "good" if it is kept in a normal room with normal temps and humidity? I still have a dozen of the DT SoLo as well as two dozen of the first generation DT TruSoft. They have all been kept in my dresser in the bedroom so no extreme temps. I could donate them but with a "senior" budget, I just don't feel right about giving them away. So, all of you elite players out there, how long are they still viable? Thanks. Fairways and greens to all.

Mark F

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  1. Don O

    Titleist does not respond directly about an amber Pro-V, but they are aware that older golfers have vision acuity issues. Time will tell if the AVX in yellow is fully marketed and if it will be a suitable alternative.
    Storing balls at controlled room temperature, the balls will be suitable for several years. A relative recently gave me some Jack Nicklaus Top Flight balls from the 90's. I can hit them, but they just aren't like any of the current Titleist balls. So I won't be...
  2. Gabriel G

    I am not an elite player but allow me to contribute. I am old too, probably older than you. I store my Titleist balls in my closet, room temperature and they last years. Sometimes I will try a new model, but the older ones work just fine. Love this brand, they always perform better, That is no coincidence.
  3. Gary D

    Contrary to what Titleist might tell you, there is no shelf life to golf balls. If kept under normal temperatures, they should last for years and years. People buy and play balls that have been pulled out of ponds, found in the woods, and discovered in the back of the golf store storeroom. I wish my car would last as long as golf balls.
  4. david s

    I watched an interesting Q&A on golf balls on YouTube a few days ago, it was a Titleist competitor so I won't include a link.
    Shelf life was one of the questions, it appears in the past when golf balls were constructed with wound rubber, then over time the rubber thread would lose its properties and the performance of the golf ball would deteriorate, with new golf ball construction methods solid two/three/four piece construction there isn't the same deterioration, so shelf life is no longer the issue it was.
    With regards to yellow golf balls, it appears there isn't the demand from either the tour or general market to justify investments in having to add pigments in the urethane cover to create a different colour.
  5. Mark F

    Thanks to Don, Gabe,Gary, and David. You guys answered my question. I will use my SoLos and TruSofts until they are gone and then see what current Titleist offerings are out there and make my next purchases. Thanks again!! T/T is the most awesome sight there is. Fairways and greens to all.

    Mark F
  6. Dave N

    Just don't go golf ball fishing in the lakes and you should be fine. Water kills um. Balls stored at room temp. good to go.

    No worries todays Titleist are are like Hostess Twinkies, they will last years!!!
    For the record I love'em both. Hitemstraight madgolfer
  8. Bob T

    The DT SoLo is a great ball and still functions well when I've used one. You should have no trouble with your solos and trusofts. Enjoy what you have!!!!!

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