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Prov1 vs prov1x

Rodney O

I am trying to figure out which ball to use. I have a swing speed around 100 and drive around 250-270. I have used the prov1 a Couple of times and have played well with it but but not the prov1x. Just wandering how much of a difference. Thanks

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  1. Chuck Z

    Would recommend taking a sleeve of both balls and playing them and seeing which you like best. Seeing is believing as they say. Good luck.
  2. Robert L

    Try out the X! The differences between the two are easy to read up on... so check out the differences and buy some balls. Obviously the experience is going to be different for you than from others, so why not just give them a try. No one is going to be able to tell you exactly how the ball will perform with your swing/your course conditions/ etc; so just get out there!
  3. Todd S

    Swing speed and driver length have nothing to do with it. Try them both and you will see the difference. It's all personal preference.
  4. Thomas P

    I would say really focus on the balls performance around the green. That is where you will find the most difference between the two balls.. as for getting off the tee the balls offer different flights.. it is all based upon preference.. but give them both a try!
  5. david s

    Rodney, have a look at this review it might give you some guide.

    I agree with others get a sleeve of both and spend a few hours to see which suits you,
    I've changed to the 2017 Pro V1 this year as it feels better off the putter face.
  6. Bob T

    As said, try them both out. For me my preference is the regular ProV1!!!
  7. rymail00

    Yup definitely give a sleeve or 2 of each and just put them through some testing on the chipping/ptching/putting greens.

    What we did for Pro V1 fitting for this new ball release they had us hit 50 yard shots with both models, and 7 irons, and then driver. Hopefully you can play your course where you can take the time to hit 6 or more shots (3 of each or whatever) off the tee or into greens.

    Also if you can use a good LM that'd be ideal too.

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