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Aerodynamics with Rafa Cabrera Bello

Abby L., Team Titleist Staff Team Titleist Staff

Hi everyone! 

I hope you're off to a great week. I wanted to share a video with you that we recently posted in our news section called Eye Opening Aerodynamics with Titleist Brand Ambassador Rafa Cabrera Bello. Rafa visited us at our Manchester Lane Testing Facility to find out the answer to the following question: What if we told you that less than .002” could make a world of difference when it comes to the performance of a golf ball?

Well, Rafa learned firsthand the results of slight changes in aerodynamics alongside Titleist's Frederick Waddell and Mike Madsen. See it for yourself: 

And for even more great content around how we manufacture, test and validate golf balls at Titleist, click here.

All the best, 

Team Titleist Staff

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  1. Tyler H

    Thanks for sharing Abby. This is a powerful testament to the rigorous quality controls that Titleist employs in ball manufacturing and show how big of an effect just 1 minor imperfection or missed step can have on a players ball flight.

  2. Barry B

    This is a very cool video. Amazing how that small a margin can make such a huge impact on ball flight.
  3. TUrreta

    I'm speechless! That small a difference makes such an incredible difference. Thanks for posting the video. Titleist- thanks for your attention to detail, quality, and consistency.
  4. Chuck Z

    I love this demonstration regarding ball flight and dimples. Glad you guys had them do it for us at the TT event. It was funny how the ball reacted. It helps understand the aerodynamics of the golf ball.

    So that explains all my major misses. It must be the golf ball I'm using. Lol, ;)

    I'm just messing around, but as an engineer, this stuff is so interesting to me. I'm glad that I use titleist golf balls and never have to worry about using inferior products. Go Titleist.

  6. Barry S

    Never would have thought the margin could be that slight!
  7. Gabriel G

    Such a small difference in the paint, can make a huge difference in the flight of the ball. Titleist quality control is that good to make the ball flight consistent for me. Thank you Titleist!
  8. AWells

    When I was 15 I rebuilt my first engine, later on and early in my careers I went to school and became a mechanic. During those years I constantly dealt with tolerances of machined engine parts measuring in the Thousandths of an inch. Now an engine can be +/- .005" and still survive just fine, but after watching that video of a golf ball having a difference of .002" and the dramatic affect it has. I think he said 35yards!!! I was absolutely blown away at those staggering numbers. Needless to say I am very grateful that the R+D team at Titleist is working so hard on making their balls perfect, as that tiny difference in the golf ball would have a drastic effect on my handicap, I truly had no idea. Thank you Titleist :)
  9. Dave N

    Thanks Abby, trying to get my better half to use these. This might work.
  10. ToddL

    Outstanding video on the science that goes into the flight of the ball. Thanks for sharing!
  11. RBH

    Wow! Incredible difference. Thanks for posting this and thanks to Titleist for the quality control!
  12. Speedy

    That video is AWESOME! I remember they did this last year at Pinehurst during the TT Invitational, it was pretty cool to watch and learn.. And after visiting/touring the ball plant a few months ago, the quality control checks they do is insane.. Dedication times 10000000000000... #1 ball in golf!
  13. Darron K

    Nice post Abby, mahalo!
  14. AWells

    So on the way home form work last night after telling many a co-worker about this amazing video by Titelist, and such a less than paper thin difference had such a huge ramification on ball flight. I got to thinking about when i play golf, and I peel a layer off my golf ball a little (i hope that describes it properly) or make a small dent or something similar. Will my ball flight be affected only with a driver as we see in the video, or will it have such a diverse affect even on say a 7 iron or something. Should i always have a new fresh ball?
  15. Andrew A

    I am truly dumbfounded!!
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