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Fall Golf Balls

Matt W

Anybody have any good ball marking ideas for fall golf. The leaves are starting to fall here in Ontario, I'd love to hear what others do to help find that ball that might end up in the rough in fall.

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  1. Scott L

    I have bad eyes so I draw a ring around the ball(a putting line that goes all the way around). It seems to work for me year round. A friend of mine swears by the cally soccer ball golf balls. But I love a yellow dt with the black line all the way around.
  2. Bob T

    That's a good question but the problem is that one leaf can hide a ball never mine hundreds!!!! This time of year I try to pay more attention with course landmarks in the direction the ball goes. I also make sure to play balls that I've put aside after playing many rounds with them. That way not such a big deal when loosing in the leaves. Most important!!!! Don't forget the leaf rule. No penalty for lost in the leaves! LOL!!!
  3. Brett S

    I would suggest 2 or 3 thick black lines, that is what I do because leaves that fall are usually red, green, yellow and black will stand out from them and so will a thick line in case part is under a leaf and part is not, it is big enough to be seen from a few angles! Hope this helps. Hit em straight
  4. Chuck Z

    The pine needles fall the year round in the south and I do my best to avoid hitting the ball into the trees, with respect. Might try a yellow ball. DT TruSoft. But if it lands under a leave good luck. We do have some other tree that start shedding their beautiful leaves in October along the coast. Can be a burden. Our grounds crew does a pretty good job a keep the leaves blown back away from the rough, so you need to hit it pretty deep.
  5. Steve S

    Hey Matt, I feel your pain. Here in South Jersey we have the same problem. We blow leaves at my course every day. By 9:00am, you Can't even tell we blew them. I just carry extra balls. Of course I find them by the dozens.
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  6. Titleist_AU_Fan

    Personally I mark my balls the same no matter what time of year, but the more unique the mark, the better.
  7. BSpanding

    I mark them the same way as I always do, with a red dot. But I'm with Bob T on this. Play with balls, that has been around the course sometimes, then it doesn't hurt as much, if you can't find it :-)

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