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Pro V1 vs. Pro V1x

Sean Jaeger

Team Titleist,

Just wanted to gather peoples' feedback regarding their choice between playing Pro V1 vs. Pro V1x. Any experience related to either ball would be great. Obviously both balls are great choices, but just wanted to hear personal preferences.


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  1. Don O

    Previous editions I used the X for some added launch as I'm distanced-challenged. The new V has been longer than the old V for me and I prefer the feel around the greens. I do spend more time looking for it - I can only really follow white balls for about 160 yards, and the V is almost never where I see it land - always surprising long. The 2 now come down to personal results and preferences. I might seek sneaking in a left-over X on longer par 3's to try to minimize roll.
  2. Tom B

    I too chose the X over the Pro V, mainly for the launch. I've had no issues at all getting enough spin around the green with the X. I've heard that the Pro V has changed a lot and they're even closer than they used to be, but I'm not one to mess with success. Going to Myrtle for 8 rounds in a couple weeks, maybe I'll experiment down there. But happy for now with the X
  3. JAM

    I play the V1 and is as advertised, however, I only wish it was softer.
  4. Grant V

    I like to play the X because of the more solid feel. The softness of the ball coming off the tee might be great in the V, but it is, at least for me, a little harder to lag putt with the V because of the softer feel. Also when I was a kid I liked the red number better than the black number. So that may have some more influence into my decision:)
  5. Graeme W

    Hi, I posed the question a few weeks ago on the same subject. I came across a ProV1x pre the latest ProV1s and find that it is longer than the usual ProV1 that I have been playing for years! I recently tried the new ProV1 and found that it flew very much lower than its predecessor and I am not happy with that at all. I am used to a high ball flight and will be searching around for the ProV1x of the previous variety!
  6. CP

    I converted this year from the Pro V1X to the Pro V1 as the Pro V1 is now a lower launching and spinning ball on the long shots. I can still get plenty of spin with short game. A great decision, either way.
  7. Arturo G

    I prefer Pro V1. I like a soft ball. Pro V1x is a firmer ball with a bit more distance, but too firm feeling for me.

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