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Another convert.

Dave N

I had my wife watch the video of Raffa Cabrero Bello (excuse the spelling) and she tried the ProV1 and the X's she banged them better then the Cally S.S. she is presently using . First question was do they come in anything but white. So I think we will be dying some of my stock to satisfy her needs

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  1. Dino J

    Great feedback Dave! I'm curious ... does she have a handicap or if not where would you estimate her handicap to be?

    I am curious as there are some women and men for that matter that are a bit newer to golf but play basic balls like the noodle or supersoft. I am a believer that they too would benefit from playing a better ball too.
  2. Dave N

    She is a 20.2 handicap. Weekend warrior.
  3. Mark Q

    Just coming back after a 7 year layoff, but was a scratch player, always used Pro v1x.Pro shop told me the Calloway super soft were half the price and just as good.
    I noticed the Calloway added 10 yards to my irons, and I lost about 15 yards with my driver. Is there an explanation, or just me?
    Going to buy a sleeve of the V-1 for my next round, been told the new ones feel is opposite from 1 to 1x. Correct?
  4. Dave N

    Mark that's exactly what I noticed also. Have you tried the new DT Trusoft yet? If not you might want to try them also.

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