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A new good friend?


I might have got a new friend.

Here in Denmark, my home course is now very wet. The bad thing is no roll on the fairway, and that you have to fly it all the way. Also mudballs are now more common than not.

The good thing is, the greens "catches" everything even though you can't hit it with backspin.

So for my round yesterday I didn't find it necessary to play with the Pro V1x as I usually does, but instead I tried the Velocity.

I was surprised, because it was longer of the tee as well as hitting it into the green compared to the Pro V1x. At the same time it stopped on the green (every ball would have done so), but the cover also lasted much longer than anticipated. And when bear in mind, it is a cheaper ball, I think it's a bargain. And price matters at this time of the year, since a lot of balls disappear under the leaves etc.

For that reason, I think I'll use the Velocity ball until we once again hit spring and the Pro V1x' comes out of the box again :-)

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  1. richard f

    It's good you've found something else that works for you , we have the same course problems here in England

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