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What to use?

Fred H

I had been using DT TruSoft all summer with decent results for me, but as fall approached and only had two balls left, I switched to a sleeve of NXT that I won during the summer. As I seem to like a softer ball, the NXT gave me pretty good results. I am just in a quandary as to what I do next spring. Anyone have or had the same issue?

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  1. Don O

    The TruSoft is the softest feel Titleist ball. NXT-Tour-S is a softer feel than the NXT-Tour. I started down the Titleist path with the original NXT, then the NXT-Tour, Pro-V1x and now Pro-V1 with the 2017 release. They were all good balls, but as I developed confidence and comfort with each new trial, I trusted my intuition. Now curious about the AXV in yellow - if it performs for me. Ball selection is personal - just stay with the one you have the most confidence with your game.
  2. Scott Golightly

    If you're open to sticking with the DT's, the NEW DT Trusofts are incredible. Can't vouch for the NXT's but I've been loving the recently released version of the DT Trusofts.
  3. Dale V

    For me, my home course has very few forced carries and I hit it kind of straight so ProV1 is the ball for me. I occasionally switch back to DT TruSoft when the weather is extra cold or I play somewhere with a lot of water hazards. I'm just too cheap to watch those $$ ProV1's hit the ponds. :)
  4. Fred H

    The problem for me is that how do I know I am getting the most recent release of ball? I live in an area where finding fresh balls, or any good golf equipment is a long drive, no pun intended. Is there a particular marking on the box?
  5. TUrreta

    The new DT Trusoft has "NEW" on the box or sleeve.

  6. Hunter B

    Where I live, the most recent release will typically be more expensive than past models. Stores usually carry past generations of balls but the new ones are usually a little more expensive than pst years balls.
  7. Don O

    To note, the "new" DT Trusoft was released this fall. The other non-Pro-V balls 2018 releases will be announced at the PGA Show at the end of January. Looks like your next purchase in the spring will be different releases than what you used this year.
  8. Fred H

    Thanks. I'll look for it.
  9. Fred H

    It hasn't snowed yet, but as soon as the snow melts, I'm on it. Thanks to all.

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