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Funny story


So I came home from golf a couple Saturday's ago and was greeted by my 6 year old son who was anxious to see how it went. After discussing the round, the following conversation took place:

"Daddy, do you know what to do when you find a golf ball with no writing or markings and you need it to be awesome?"

I asked, "What are you talking about?"

Son says, "Yeah, it is all white and has no markings but you need it to be AWESOME"

I laughed and said, "What do I do?"

He says, "You get a marker and write Titleist on it!"


Must admit, he has the right idea :)

8 Replies

  1. Keith M

    That's an "awesome" story. Sounds like you've taught your son well.
  2. B.A.

    Smart kid!!!
  3. richard f

    Clever kid !!
  4. Deno

    Cool story!!!
  5. Hunter B

    Gotta teach them young!!
  6. Bob T

    He is really clever!! I never thought of that!!!! Awesome!!!!!!!
  7. Dave N

    Good story.
  8. Hendy

    That’s cool. Wait until he understands the formula of Credit Card + Titleist =

    Good luck.

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