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Lost My ProV 1

Dale V

Well, I have lost Titleist golf balls about every way imaginable... so i thought. I have lost them in the woods, creeks, ponds, even heavy rough. Once i lost one to some juvenile delinquents roaming our course and running out onto the fairway and grabbing them when we teed off. Tonight i was walking the front nine of my local course, pretty much enjoying the solitude of a solo round of golf. I hit a iron just off the 4th green when one of the humongous SoCal crows walks up and grabs it in his beak. Okay, i have seen the golf clip of the famous seagull grabbing a ball off 17 at Sawgrass so I am expecting this crow to drop it as i walk up. No, he just flies away, ball and all, as far away as i can see. Unless you have seen the crows around San Diego, its a hard story to believe. Seriously, they are the size of eagles! Anyway, i hope he enjoys his dinner tonight, trying to digest that band new ProV1.

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  1. Gabriel G

    I have found so many ProV1 golf balls all over. In the water, in the woods and heavy grass. They are the only ball I will put in my bag and play. They perform so well! What a great feeling to hit one and see it keep going and going. Nice ball flight and lands like a Pro hit it.
  2. Rick D

    Once while walking down the fairway to our balls in the fairway, a red winged blackbird attacked my opponents ball. It would swoop down, peck it around some, chasing it several feet. Then another would fly in to chase the first away. It came back, did it again, like 3-4 times before we got to the ball.

    Last eve, playing possibly my last nine of the season, I lost one in the middle of the fairway due to all of the leaves blowing around. They're coming off the trees hard now and the wind was really blowing. Oh, well. That ball was pretty beat up anyhow. I wasn't going to use a new one in those conditions. After looking around , I just threw down another one and kept going. Nothing serious about the round, just out enjoying the Indian Summer weather, knocking it around and having a few beers.
  3. Chuck Z

    Beware the raven.......good story..... When asked how far you hit it when you lost it? A good answer would be: "as far as the crow flies...." =)
  4. Dale V

    It was my only "birdie" of the day.
  5. DLawley

    I once had my ball taken by a massive seagull in match play, let's just say the person I was playing was very happy haha
  6. Jason C

    @Chuck Z, that is funny. That is too bad about your ProV, but you do have a pretty good story to tell. I've never had a bird take my ball, but I have had a squirrel carry my ball up into a tree.
  7. richard f

    I bet your face was a right picture at the time lol
  8. Dave N

    I had a similar situation last year but the crow did drop it closer to the hole , thank you Mr. Crow.
  9. Bob T

    A driving range I go to, Seagul's grab balls from the range and then drop the ball on a near by major highway. Word is that seagul's do this thinking its a clam shell and drop on a hard surface to open. This has created quite a problem!!!!
  10. Deno

    Funny story Dale!!


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