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Yellow Pro V1s


Well winter has arrived in the UK, so I will make my yearly request of Titleist to produce a yellow Pro V1 that can be seen against the leaden sky. Every year I am forced to change to one of your competitors who see the advantages of a coloured premium ball.

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  1. Jim H

    I second this request. Got 12 guys in my regular group. 11 play Titleist balls and 8 would play yellow ProV1 if available. In the meantime, I like the new AVX
  2. Philip G

    I agree, we have a densely tree lined course, keeping on top of the leaf clearance throughout the autumn months is nigh on impossible...... please provide us with the yellow Prov1 1x option Titleist, you're missing out on a good sales opportunity and it would speed up play immensely
  3. Dakota

    According to my local Titleist fitter, should be releasing the new AVX closer to this winter. It's a little better than the Pro V1 and comes in white or yellow. I am like you and like a yellow ball for the winter simply because I can see it better in the brown grass. I didn't like the fact I had to go to an NXT Tour to get yellow. So I am glad Titleist is making a high end ball that comes in both yellow and white so you can play a ball consistently. Hope this helps
  4. Speedy

    AVX is your answer and that's if it starts selling globally... Looks like the reviews have been great so far...
  5. Tim Tiger

    If the AVX is introduced into the line then I think it will have to be your answer. They have said many times that a yellow ProV is cost prohibitive.

  6. greg p

    AVX is only going to be released into limited markets (South), correct?
  7. Dakota

    As of right now yes, but it's still considered in "test mode" so they are only letting people in Florida and Arizona test and play it (don't know why those two places) but once it is out of test mode, you should start seeing them make an appearance in stores nationwide. My local pro said that they already have a packaging for. He said usually its just a plain white box, but this came in an actual AVX package. So it looks really promising right now, but like always that can change.
  8. Russell Y

    Totally agree. I would love some yellow Pro V1x's as I think would most winter UK golfers.
  9. Todd T

    They're released in SoCal as well!
  10. Arturo G

    So a yellow Pro V1 is cost prohibitive but a yellow AVX is not?

    Never mind, I too would love a yellow Pro V1. I have switched to yellow srxn Z Star which I find to be equivalent.

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