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Latest Golf Ball Test Panel: Share Your Feedback!

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager Team Titleist Staff

Hi Team Titleist,

If you received a surprise sleeve of prototype golf balls in the mail from us last week or early this week, we want to hear from you after you've had a chance to take them out for a test spin! Share your feedback below and let us know what you think.

And if you're looking to sign up to be considered for any future golf ball test panels, make sure you visit the following link and complete the form:


- Mike

122 Replies

  1. Speedy

    whoa! Curious to hear the feedback on this...
  2. Todd J

    I've signed up for the testing, and haven't seen any balls yet. I hope I was selected and balls come soon. ;)
  3. JAM

    I just signed up. I am looking forward to participating in future ball testing. Titleist has so many options to choose from. This is a great opportunity to try new golf balls and provide my feedback. Thank you.
  4. Sam K

    I have been hoping for this opportunity. I typically buy new models upon release and write reviews for all the major retail sites. My way of supporting a brand I love and believe in! I look forward to hearing the feedback from your most recent trial.
  5. augusto r

    still waiting.
  6. vurich

    Haven't received any test balls for a couple years. Hopefully, my number will be called and I can see what's new with #TeamTitleist test balls!
  7. Andrew K

    Just received my sleeve tonight. I typically play ProV1X, and these are clearly much different based on a few rolls off the putter. Looking forward to knocking them around a bit this weekend.
    Post Image
    Post Image
  8. MMaingre

    I am not part of this one :-(
    Hope to be in for the next one and looking fwd to hear about the feedback.
    I currently play Vice golf ball and was hoping to be provided with some test balls to make the switch over to Titleist.
    Another time then.
  9. chris b

    I haven't been a part of the testing panel for 2 years now. :( Maybe my postman is a golfer & he pocketed my balls.
  10. Brian F

    Received my test set of Titleist balls (White) on Tuesday. Hope I don't lose them on the first couple of holes...LOL! I will let you know how they perform.
  11. AWells

    Andrew those pics you posted of the Test ball, am i seeing correctly is that a hexagonal shape on the outer rim of the dimple? as in like a cally? or is it just an optical illusion in the pic posted?
  12. richard f

    Be good seeing the test results
  13. Dennis G

    Received my test sleeve yesterday. Can't wait to try them against the AVX this weekend.
  14. Marty A

    Took them out for a fall round of golf today. Ball strikes amazing, beautiful straight flight. Feels like a ProV1x. Around the greens and putting it has the soft feel of a ProV1/NXT. Great ball. Glad I didn’t lose any of them so I can use again. Keep sending test balls my way if they perform this well. Thanks again!
  15. Frank C

    Received a sleeve on Monday, played them today. Good feel and distance off the driver. Held greens very well, but did not spin back. Putted very nicely. Feel pretty soft to me, more like a Pro V1 than an NXT. I like them.
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