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New AVX Golfballs

Dale V

Picked up a dozen AVX at Golf Mart Escondido today. I will put them in play tomorrow in a company scramble and then the rest of the weekend at my home course (Eagle Crest Golf Course). I will post my results early next week.

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  1. Sam K

    Cannot wait to hear your feedback Dale!!! I cannot get my hands on these here in SC. Looking forward to your experience with them. Have a great weekend!
  2. Barry B

    Would love to be able to try them, but like Sam, they are not available here in MO. Looking forward to details from your weekend results.
  3. Greg D

    Sounds like a good weekend! Excited to hear the results.
  4. Don O

    Hope you and others have good results. This may be my only chance for a urethane cover Titleist ball in amber.
  5. kaizen10366

    I'm interested to hear your thoughts. I've read a little about these, and while I don't need additional distance, I would consider switching from the ProV1 model if there are benefits. Thanks in advance for posting feedback.
  6. greg p

    Looking forward to you comments also. I anxious to try 'em.
  7. Deroen P

    I can't wait to hear your feedback.
  8. Steve S

    Hey Dale, I can't find any in South Jersey as well. Looking forward to your response of how they play.
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  9. JOHN B

    I am REALLY liking the AVX!

    Long off the tee and irons, I can stop it on a dime from 6i to wedges, chips like my fave ball (XV), soft off the face on all clubs, durable, too, I might add!

    However, at a Pro V price point I just can't fathom that. My XV does all of the above EXCEPT the soft feel and I stocked up when they were selling at $9.99!

    I can't see the AVX surviving at its current price point, which is too bad because it is an excellent ball.

    And yes, longer than Pro V1x with MY swing (107 SS with driver).
  10. John H

    I got to play these this past weekend at Reunion Resort in FL, Nicklaus course. Long off the tee, good hold on the greens. Probably a bit less spinny than a Pro V1 but a very nice ball. Look forward to hearing your comments.
  11. Dale V

    I played in a scramble with them on Friday and nine holes on Saturday. Liked them a lot. I was getting similar results as I do with my ProV1 but maybe a little softer feel. I plan to take them to the practice green today and hit more pitches, chips, and putts to see the difference around the greens. As of now, unless the price drops below ProV1 I will probably stick with it. If they start pricing between NXT and ProV1 I might convert this to my everyday ball.
  12. Dale V

    Latest update. Just went to the practice green with two AVX and two ProV1. Spent an hour chipping, pitching, and putting and I do prefer the softer feel of the AVX on those shots. I will play another nine holes tonight and try to hit both balls off of each tee for a fair comparison.
  13. Dale V

    Added a picture of the AVX (left) and ProV1 (right) so you can see the differences in dimple depth and pattern.
    Post Image
  14. Gerry B

    Cool,looking forward to trying the AVX
  15. Titleist_AU_Fan

    Great feedback and comparison. Thanks!
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