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ProV1X Circle T


Found this ball a few weeks ago, did a google search and checked all the golf forums but haven’t been able to identify it? Is it part of a set or something else?

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  1. Barry B

    Certainly looks like it was a custom ordered logo and the circle T is Scotty's "Tour Only" logo, but other than that I have no idea.
  2. Speedy

    that's interesting.. Never seen anything like that before and I think Barry may be right, could be a custom logo ball.. Scotty Cameron does have his own invitational for all the Cameron Collectors so wondering if it's from there?
  3. DC

    Would normally agree that it’s just a custom logo aside from the circle T, very familiar with circle T items and wouldn’t think this is something just anyone can put on items?

    Figured this would be reserved for certain items and would not be approved to just put on everything and anything? Otherwise would put it on everything I️ ordered haha.
  4. Bill V

    Someone isn't drinking the Kool-Aid it appears
  5. Wade W

    I've seen just about every custom Cameron ball and I've never seen that one.

    Wonder if it slipped through the custom department at some point (with the Circle T as an infringement).

  6. Frank W

    That logo brings back great memories. Mom always had Kool Aid for us.
  7. richard f

    Really good find !!

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