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Test Balls

Rick W

I received a sleeve of Titleist "test" balls in the mail last week.  I was able to put them in play last night.  WOW! The first drive was dead straight down the fairway and lonnnnng.  I hit my 9 iron 3 feet from the stick and it dropped and stopped.  After I proceeded to make the putt, my playing partners joked and said they wanted to get these "test" balls.  I went on to play the remainder of the nine holes hitting it solid and finishing with another birdie and only 1 bogey for a solid 1 under nine holes.  They are the REAL DEAL.  I will buy them immediately when vailable.  Thanks Titleist for the chance to try these out.

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  1. AL A

    The drive was not as far as my usual ProV1 ball. Test ball had better control on a cold early morning round, weather was overcast with lite sprinkles. The test ball feels lighter shorter on the drives but more accurate off the tee and on most shots. My drives are usually around 250 yds. The Test ball I love the way It feels on shots from 170 to 100 yrd. shots in to the flag. Feels easier to hit and lighter again and more accurate. The ball stopped with very little forward roll than my ProV1 ball. I'm a pitch and run player since I was a kid that"s what I learned to play. The Test ball seemed easier to get closer to the hole. As for putting It was terrific. Feel and softness made it easier to putt than my ProV which had a different sound even putting. When these new balls come out I will be sure to switch from my Prov's.

  2. Ryan S

    This test ball performed for me in a manner consistent of the old ProV1. My tee distance showed little to no improvement, but my control seemed a little  better. (maybe i was just hitting it straight that day) The big thing with this line of prototype balls is I couldn't impart backspin on them like the regular ProV1 which I could spin off of a green if I wasn't careful. They seemed to drop and stop in close proximity to your target area. Additionally, these balls scuffed just as easily as the old ProV1. A golf ball's cover durability is crucial especially for us amateurs who are paying $50 for a dozen. In conclusion, I've always been a Titleist loyal and will continue to do so. I'm excited to see what innovations they have in the future.

  3. Randy C

    Will there be a breakdown on the new prototype ball in regard to player ability?

  4. Bud D

    I  think the ball is much better than the prov1 Iam now using. i get more distance and the feel is better. The cover showed no signs of scuffing. I am a 8 handicape and shot 2under my handicape with the ball. i would like to play this ball all the time.   Bud Daley

  5. guy s

    I think it is longer than my pro v1. Flies a little straighter in the wind, doesnt spin as much as the pro v1. Iron shots seem to fly straighter


  6. William K

    I started my round with the new test ball and the first hole was amazing. My drive was 20 yards farther than I have ever hit the ball on this hole which left me about 130 yards from the pin. A 9 iron shot left me 2 foot from the pin and an easy putt for par. The ball from 130 just stopped and moved laterally which I have never had happen. I played the whole round with similar results and thought well it could be the ball or the golf gods were smiling on me. I have 27 holes on the first ball and the cover is a little scuffed but still playing very well. It did take a couple of long puts for me to get used to the way I needed to stroke the put  but after that the ball was very consistent.  Nice job gentlemen give it a name and put it on the shelf.

  7. David D

    I agree totally.  This prototype is great.  I've been switching off between Pro V1x and another brand.  This ball is better than either of those.  The ball seems to have less spin off the driver, drop-and-stop properties with the mid-irons, and high spin with the wedges.  Great ball with great fee.  So let the hype begin.  Questions about the durability because I only played one round.  But the ball seemed to scuff less than the Pro V1.

  8. Mark M

    I agree with everything you said, and the durability was great in my opinion.  I would switch to this ball from the Pro V1 immediately - I liked it that much.  Wish someone could tell me what it most compared to in balls available today because maybe I'm playing the wrong ball.  I get way too much spin off the driver.

  9. Mark M

    Totally agree.

  10. Rick W

    I'd like to add one more thing...Durability: I have played one "test" ball for 27 holes.  It still looks brand new. Unlike other Pro V's that looked torn up after 7-10 holes.  I am sold on whatever this ball is gong to be named and it will definitely make it into my bag.  It cut my fade dramatically, stops quick on the green, has a soft feel putting and is evidently much more durable than its predecessor.  I love it.

  11. Limpin'' In

    The balls are "interesting".  I shared my sleeve with a fairly low cap playing partner.  We both played our usual ProV1 balls and the Test balls side by side.  The course conditions were perfect.  The playing partner brought his Sky Caddy so we could accurately record any difference in distance, etc.  Here's what we found...

    1.  Off the driver, the balls were a tad bit shorter.  The playing partner hits his usual drives a little farther than do I.  He is consistently in the 270 to 280 range.  I'm in the 240 to 250 range.  My drives were affected much less than his.  Side by side, he lost 8 to 10 yards.  Side by side, I lost 2 to 4 yards.

    2.  The ball wants to go straight.  Much less spin off the driver.  Both of us would gladly give up the slight bit of distance to have that straight ball flight.

    3.  The ball goes higher than the ProV1.  Both of us experienced a noticably higher trajectory off the driver with the Test ball.

    4.  The ball distance off both our irons was fairly consistent with the ProV1.  Our greens are pretty receptive and we saw similar reaction on the greens from the fairway. 

    5.  I never thought any ball could feel as good as a ProV1 around the greens.  This ball seems to have a distinctly softer feel on short pitches and putts. 

    6.  The ball still skuffs.  One of my shots hit a sprinkler head near the green.  The ball was skuffed from that "adventure".  The playing partner peeled some shavings with his wedges and those wedges are by no means new. 

    Both of us came away fairly impressed.  The only negative we found was the slightly reduced driver distance.  The higher trajectory could be a problem in windy conditions.  We both were greatly impressed by the lack of spin off the driver.  Like I said earlier, we would trade the distance for the straightness in a heartbeat.  The ball felt terrific!  If this ball is brought to market, we would undoubtedly purchase a dozen in order to give it a really good look.

  12. Hotsauce

    Weird, My impressions were slightly different, but the same in some respects.  I play a new Pro V1.

    Driver- My Test Ball was longer and straighter.  It didn't cut as much (my miss is a slice), and rolled out further. (3-5 yards) 

    Hybrid/Fairway- Test ball was a touch longer, and didn't cut or draw like the Pro V. 

    Long Iron- Same as the Hybrid.  Flew a touch higher, but the flight felt a little more penetrating.  The ball didn't spin as much, and didn't move laterally like the Pro V

    Short Iron Wedge-  The Test ball took some getting used to, but it is consistent.  

                     My Pro V1 would stop and spin back, 1x would check and roll out, Test ball would hit and stop.

    Chipping- More spin off the Pro V1.  After allowing for some roll out I like the Test balls consistency.  Couldn't get it check up like the Pro V with tight lies though.

    Putting- Test ball had a weird click sound.  I like the Pro V1 more, but they both preformed similarly.

    Durability-  The Test ball was way more durable.  Mine still looks new and took a slap from the path.  The Pro V1 I used along with it is beat up.

    I wonder if they tested more than one ball out there?

    My Test ball had a new dimple pattern (some little ones on it) and the color was different than that of a regular Pro V1.

  13. Ronald K

    I also had a sleeve of tests Titliest golf balls to try out.  The concensus is that the test ball pretty much matches the Pro V balls that I comared it to.  The distance off the tee was within 5 yards of each other, the long and middle irons were also similar.  The differences came with hybrids and on the putting surface.  The test balls flew higher than the Pro V, but the distance was within 10-15 yards.  I am usually a low ball hitter so the high trajectory seemed uncomfortable when I tried to play in windy conditions.  I was truly impressed with the better roll on the greens.  It just seemed to pop off my putter and provide a consistent firm roll with no bounce.  It stayed on line towards the cup much more often than the Pro V.   Thanks for letting me test them out. 

  14. Kevin W

    I am in total agreement with David D.. This test ball comes off clubs hotter and longer upwards to 7 % increase in distance at most. Spin rate changes with different clubs. Spins more with wedges. Test ball comes off putter hotter as well.

  15. Geoffrey B

    i had the same click sound but their good

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