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Test Ball web address

Michael D

Can anyone help me with the address for my feedback on the test balls.  Lost the sheet that came with the balls and can't seem to find the site.  Love the balls and want to share the stories.  Thanks

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  1. Team Titleist

    Hi Michael D.,

    Here is the link:

    We look forward to your feedback.

    - Team Titleist 

  2. Titleist Fan 216

    I have logged onto the Team Titleist web address and cannot find where to enter my feedback on the golf ball.  I love this ball, so I am going to send my feedback to you via this e-mail.  If you wish me to do it another way, please let me know what to do. 

    This ball goes at least 10 yards further off the tee.  Performs better off the tee than my current ball.

    Once on the green, it rolls true.  The Precept  spins more and stops quicker on the green. 

    From 150, in the fairway, both balls perform about the same with irons.  This ball was about 2 yards further than the current ball.

    From the deep rough, using rescue club, the ball comes out straighter and rolls further than the Precept. 

    On the green, this ball has a very soft feel.  Just a tap and it rolls straight from almost any place on the green.  Does not turn as much as my current ball when it is dying at the cup.

    I really do prefer this ball over my current ball, except for the spin on the green.  I think you have a winner with this ball.

    Team Member 216

  3. Team Titleist

    Thanks for the feedback. Here is the link again for the survey.

  4. Geoffrey B


  5. Phil V

     its:  good luck with it!

  6. Kenneth F

    Is it too late to give feedback on the "test" ball?

  7. wes B

    I to would like to repond to the golf ball test.  I was not able to use the balls until today.  I was very happy with it.  it flew slightly different than the normal prov x.  I played 13 holes and was 2 under.  If this is the new ball, I am going to use it all the time.


  8. jimmy c

    Kenneth F

    Is it too late to give feedback on the "test" ball?

    I also have my review to submit if its possible? 

    also have my 913d2 review to post as well. 

  9. Rick P

    I tried the address and it does not work. Is it too late. I tested the ball and loved it as well. I want to leave feedback. 


  10. michael D

    Web page is no longer available.. I had trouble finding the page also to give feedback.

  11. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Hi guys,

    Here is a link to a thread where I posted a lot of answers to FAQs on the prototype test panel. It includes details on the survey links and some other info. Hope this helps. Thanks!

  12. Bo P

    I love the Test balls.  Is there going to be any information on what ball it is and when it will be available?


    Bo Paprocki

  13. Ray G

    link does not work !!!

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