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test balls

Richard D

Last summer I was sent a sleve of three test balls to try and then give my oponion o0n. I played with the balls and was very pleased with their performance. I would like to know what the ball was so I can purchase more to use. if someone could email me back with the answer to my question I would greatly appreciate it. thank you


R.D. Dodge

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  1. Hotsauce

    Red number is Pro V1x

    Black number is Pro V1

    as for when they come out, I'll be patiently waiting that's for sure...  I would guess my March/April but that's strictly a guess.

    TT please correct me if I'm wrong.

  2. Ryan U

    Apparently they were part of a market research type of thing. I was not lucky enough to recieve a sleeve, but a golf buddy of mine had. He gave me one of the balls to try and I agree with you. I can not wait until these balls hit the market!!

  3. Todd P

    A little birdie told me if your test ball had a red number it was the new Pro V1x and if they had black numbers they were the new Pro V1.  I could be wrong.  I do not think they are out yet though.

  4. Mike D., Team Titleist Manager

    Josh G

    Red number is Pro V1x

    Black number is Pro V1

    as for when they come out, I'll be patiently waiting that's for sure...  I would guess my March/April but that's strictly a guess.

    TT please correct me if I'm wrong.

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for the questions.  The golf balls that were sent out as part of the product test panel were part of our ongoing R&D process and were just test golf balls.  As you can imagine, we are constantly developing prototype golf balls and through the evaluation process we review the feedback we receive to continue along the R&D path. 

    As for any information on new products, Team Titleist will be among the first to know when we have news to share. So stay tuned! 

    On a side note, we're off to the PGA Merchandise show today and we'll be sending through updates and sharing some of the sights and sounds from our booth. We'll keep you all posted on how the show goes. 


  5. Jim M

    Now that is just cold....I received a sleeve of red and like all of you, loved them. Prov1x was my ball and the test balls just blew them away. They just can't give us a taste of steak and then send us hamburger. BTW I still have two of them left. I will use them in non-tournament/friendly games.....

  6. Steve D

    Thanks for the insight Mike. I too was lucky enough to get a sleeve to test and thought they were fabulous. Great long drives and the feel around and on the green was spectacular (in my opinion). Will be switching from my current ball the minute these are available!

  7. Hotsauce

    Jim M

    I still have two of them left. I will use them in non-tournament/friendly games.....

    Me too.  When I piped my first one OB I litterally spent about 15min looking for the ball (I know I know the rules say 5, but this was a limmited edition).  There was nobody behind me, and my friend kept saying finder's keepers!  Neither of us found it.  Great balls, and I can't wait till they hit the market.

  8. stephen p


    Tell me they are ProV1X and I will be happy. See you in Orlando !

    I am still looking for DT-Carry golf balls ! (for practice rounds)


  9. Brian D

    Hey Mike, it's Brian from Norton MA.  I am jealous that you are heading down for the show.  One of my friends who is local pro usually attends.  He is the one who sold Furyk his used putter from Pine Oaks in Easton.  His name is Mark Petrucci.  He is a great guy and fun to speak with.


    I told him that I had met you at the Team Titleist event this summer and let him know how much I appreciated the opportunity and experience provided.  I also told him you were the man behind the "Team Titliest" crew. 


    Take care and please send out the updates from the show.



  10. Ron S

    I too got the test balls and tested them through the fall months in Washington State.  The performance was great and I guess they were Pro V1's because they were black.  The new ball was tested again and again against other balls and the other generation Pro V's.  My playing tests were rigorous with continued 3 and 4 ball shots from various areas of play.  It was difficult to determine distance traveled but often the test balls went 6 to 10yds. more than other balls including Pro V's.  The real difference was from the 100 yds. in shots.  The test balls were truely the stop and drop shots.  My playing partner was amazed at the balls performance as was I.  I can spin the ball on approaches but the test ball was superior in this part of the game.  I have been a Pro V golfer for about 3yrs and I am again amazed by the technology Titleist that is forthcoming from Titleist.  It's good for me and good for golf.


  11. Russell W


    The announcement was made today. The test balls you were sent with Red Numbers are the new Pro V1x. Most retailers have placed their orders for these balls and my local Golfsmith has told me mid March. We shall see.

  12. Paul S

    I also received a sleeve and played one of them in late fall and even then the performance was above and beyond the ProV1xs I have been playing. They sure had similar feel to the ProV1xs, but again performance way beyond and if the new ProVs are any where close to the test balls, Titleist again will blow away the "wanna bes".

  13. Dave B

    I also received a sleeve with red numbers.  I found they spun much more on the green than the ProV1x that I have been playing.  I loved the feel around the green.

  14. ross m

    I also received a sleeve of "test" golf balls and was extremely pleased with the ball in general, distance was awesome and feel was outstanding.  I have everything Titleist including my bag (name and all on it) clubs and no other ball will be found in my bag except pro V's.  I work at a golf course and play when my health enables me to.  The balls I received played like pro v1x's in my opinion and I have always loved that product.  I do have a great amount of club head speed and the only negitive I can say about the test balls was the cover got scratched up with my iron shots but otherwise they were terrific.  Thank you very much for the opportunity to try these and feel free to send me a driver with stiff shaft to test if you like lol.  Once again thanks for the opportunity to test the new balls all my friends and even the head pro was jealous.  Ross Millsaps

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