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Pro V1 vs. NXT Tour

Tar Heel

OK, I need some Titleist input here from the staff. Here are my personal stats:

6 Handicap. Driver distance is about 230. 6 iron at 150 yards. Ball flight is fairly low, straight to minimal draw. 

I go back and forth between the ProV1 and the NXT Tour, since there's no appreciable difference that I see when I play. Distances are comparable and I'm not a big spinner of the ball, so nothing there. I would like a little more off the tee, and ensure a better ball flight

In your expert opinion, which ball should I be using? Like to know..... 

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  1. greg p


    I think you answered your own question.  If you don't notice a difference in balls, save yourself a buck apiece and go with the NXT's.

    Have you tried them on a launch monitor?

  2. Dennis M

    Your distances are similar to mine except I play a fade. I tried the same thing going back and forth between the NXT and the Pinnacle Precision. I couldn't find any difference in my distance, control or scoring between either ball, so I stuck with the Pinnacle so I could play the optic yellow. THAT, more than anything else, makes a difference to me because I don't see my shots after they've gone about 150 yards. With the yellow ball, I can play alone and find the silly thing 90% of the time.

  3. Brad m

    I am surprised that you have not noticed a difference around the green. I find the Pro V1 allows me to be very aggressive on green side shots. I know for certain the ball will stop on the 2nd bounce, with the NXT I don't share the same confidence. I have not used the NXT enough on the green to say if there is a difference when putting, but I have absolute confidence when putting with a Pro V1. It goes where it is supposed to.

    Ideally, if I felt the NXT could do everything that the Pro V1 does, I would use the NXT and save a few dollars.  

  4. Monty m

    Personally I use the PRO V1x, I get more distance with them than I do the PRO V1 and less spin on the green.

  5. Jim S

    dI'm looking for answer to the question above in that there stats a so close to mine.  Exept I have never used a NXT Tour 

  6. Richard W

    I agree with you.  I like the ProV due its play on the green, but during the winter I play the yellow ball.  Today, I hit a 9 iron to a 125 yard par 3.  The ball landed on the green and stopped with one bounce of about 3 feet!

    Dick W

  7. pjngolf

    hi fella's

    Im in the same boat - albeit not 6 h'cap, rather 12 - and found that in the colder months the NXT Tour worked fine. It was also less expensive if you lose a few and are really "containing" your play..

    Up until recently I was a ProV1 user - but have been surprised with the extra distance a ProV1x can give me. I was at a Titleist day recently where Geoff Ogilvy appeared and they did the ball "measuring" thing with me and got a coupleof x's  to try.

    I hope you enjoy the product as much as I do.




    Melbourne, Australia

  8. ToddL

    Tar Heel:

    Having played both, I found that the regular ProV1 spins a lot more than the NXT Tour and the ProV1X.  In your case, you may want to try the ProV1X as you should get more distance due to the lower spin.  According to the reviews (and Hunter Mahan comments on it with his Q&A in the Blog), the new ProV1X will give more "range" on the shot.  His comments are very good and fit your situation with the distance issue.  

    The new ones should be out very soon.

  9. Nick W

    either one is fine but i use the prov1x and i can hit it farther than the prov1 and i spin the provix more than the prov1. hope you find the right ball

  10. Tar Heel

    OK, made the decision to go ProV1. So here we go!

  11. mark s

    Don't think you can go far wrong with the #1 ball in golf

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