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915 surefit adjustment noise

While tightening the screw in my 915H 2-hybrid I was waiting for a gentle click to let me know to stop. What I heard was a loud snap/crack sound. ...

Golf Clubs

Head weight

I want to know,the head weight ap2 iron 3 ap2, and t-mb iron 3 ,witch one is heavier?thank you!

Golf Clubs

Ap2 or t-mb

I'm in the market for some new irons and I'm wondering which would be the better overall choice the ap2 or the t-mb?...

Golf Clubs

716 T-MB or 716 AP1 3 iron

going to hit both a 716 T-MB 2 iron and a 716 AP1 3 iron Thursday in the hopes of ordering one of them. i perfer to hit my...

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