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Mixed Iron Set

Andrew L

What is everyone's opinion of getting a mixed set of irons with CB and MB iron types? I play CB now but love the look of the MB. I was thinking CB irons 9 through 7 and MB Irons 6 through 3.

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  1. Ryan Crysler

    I like it!  I have a 4-7 CB 8,9 MB set. 

  2. Andrew L

    oops I meant CB irons 3 through 6 and MB irons 7 through 9.

  3. Matt W

    Hey man That is how i started out and i am wondering if any one knows where i can get some pro vI and pro vI x to try free so i can decide if i want to by them

  4. Dan B

    I go 4-7 CB, 8-PW MB. Best setup I've ever had, hard act to follow after my trusty 990's but, my scores have improved this year! Get fitted and go for it!

  5. Mike T

    I'm sure Titleist will accomodate whatever you choose. The 2004 Tommy Armour 845 Silverbacks were available in 845m (muscle backs), 845 (cavity backs), & 845cm combos with either 3-6 cb & 7-PW mb or 3-7 cb & 8-PW. Just depends on if you feel your 7 iron is a precision shot club or you feel you need a little forgiveness. I prefer the mb in the 7.
    I have sets of both along with a full set of cb's and use my full set of mb's 3-SW w/px 5.5's as my players. If I change my mind I can always pull the shafts and put them in a different set.
    If you're a player get the full set of irons. I've yet to see anybody play hybrids with full consistency. I'd rather miss a 3 iron short than hit a hybrid 20-30 yards off line and be pulling out another ball.

  6. Matthew A



    I have the CB 3-5 and MB 6-W in my bag, best set-up I've had and best of both worlds in my opinion.  I'll always take a little extra help in the long irons for any major misses, keeping the MBs for the scoring clubs.

    Titleist was very accommodating in ordering, so that shouldn't be any issue


    - MA

  7. 19hole

    My set mix is 4-6 CB and 7-W MB. I use a 910H as a 3 iron. Love the feel of the MBs and the forgiveness of the CBs in the long/mid irons. Your Titleist dealer can get you whatever set mix you want.

  8. Jacob I

    how do you order a mixed set?

  9. Ben V

    I play 3-7 cb and 8-P mb... Absolutely love 'em! 

  10. Brian D

    Andrew, I tried that when the 712's first came available and I found it hard to get used to.  I was not hitting the 3-6 (CB's) as well for some reason.  I think there is a slight weight differential and it just didn't work for me.  I went back to the fitter and switched out the CB's for a full MB set.

  11. Samuel C

    Jacob I

    how do you order a mixed set?


    You can go to your authorized dealor and they can order whatever set you want. They will charge you per iron and the starting price per iron will be based off the stock shafts that come with the iron (usually S300), and then charge you for each upgraded shaft and grip. 

    It's the best way to order what you want and get the lofts and lies adjusted at the same time. 

    Let us know what you get. 


  12. Samuel C

    Hi Andrew,

    That would be a great set and it gives you the best of both worlds, the workability in the short irons and a little bit more forgiveness in the mid to long irons. 

    I have 6-PW as MBs, 3-5 as AP2s, but just switched out my 3 iron for the 712U for my 3 iron, even more forgivness and still an "iron".  

    It's great that Titleist lets us pretty much build whatever we want, it just takes a little time (and money) for them to build it. 

    Let's us know what you get and how you like them.


  13. Allen L

    Well, they sure are good looking clubs but I'm not sure that buying MBs just for their looks is a good idea.  If you think that they could improve your game then give them a try.  As with any new clubs you'll have to spend some time on the range and on the course to get used to them.  I'd go for the full set, they are so good looking together.  Hope this helped some ...

  14. 19hole

    This year's irons have shipped and again I went for a mixed set. 

    712U 4 iron

    5 and 6 irons are CB

    7, 8, 9, and W are MB

    I think a mixed set gives you the best of everything that Titleist offers and recommend it to players of any skill level.

  15. Matt B

    Mixed iron sets are nice depending on your typical misses. I have contemplated the same thing, as a weekend player and 5 hcp., I'm finding out that my swing is either on or off that day, however usually able to figure how to score on the back nine. 

    I personally don't believe the actual sweet spots are that much bigger ( dime vs nickel sort of thing), however the CB would offer more forgiveness in the launch on misses.The CB's typically have more offset and wider soles than the MB's, not sure how that would effect the transition in the iron set or release. I am thinking of the MB's with something like the DG Pro S300 shafts to improve the launch in the longer irons while maintaining the control of the scoring irons? Just things to consider, still can't decide!

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