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AP2 710: Serial Number

Ryuta N

I live in Japan and purchased AP2 710 3-9P and Scotty Cameron Newport2 from US Golf Factory Store (

Are they an authorized seller? 

#6 iron has a serial number on its hosel (#1715568).

but my SC putter does not have a serial number and its head texture is much different from my old SC I purchased at Golf Smith in the U.S.

Please advise what I should do to confirm my irons and putter are genuine.




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  1. Andrew H

    Did you ever hear anything?  I purchased some clubs today from a similar web site and am curious about how genuine they will be.

  2. Ryuta N

    Unfortunately, mine should be fake. But only shafts can be real. If you really want to confirm, better bring yours to the official store such as Golf Smith.
  3. Rob H

    i live in Canada and just bought a set of titlist AP2 710 irons. The 6 iron has the exact same serila number as yours therefore i think they are fakes. ordered from     now i can't get in touch with them for a refund






  4. caleb s

    Mine have the same serial number also I ordered from a company like that to

  5. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    If you purchased it online through a non authorized dealer, please contact our legal department at  That number 1715568 has been compromised.

    To help expedite your request, please include the following information:

    Model Type

    Serial Number

    When and where you purchased the item(s) from (e.g. web address, auction number, seller name, etc.)

    Any contact information you might have for that location.


  6. Don O

    Both sites have already been shut down - and redirected to "Keep Golf Real".

    Occasionaly, I'll be scouring for just the right used LH club but it is pretty eady  understand "if it is too good to be true", then, it isn't true.  You'll never find a new set of even 710 AP2s for $395 or less - that are real.

    For the most part, new Titleist clubs, at best, will come pretty close to list price with free shipping.  Anyone advertising new sets lower is too good to be true.

  7. Norris

    Go get-um Team Titleist. Hope you can pin their hide to the wall. Stuff like that really makes me mad. Folks are trying to buy good quality equipment like Titleist (other brand names), and spend their hard earned money for that equipment just to find out that they bought junk, and some never find out. Not only do they get cheated, but some thank they have bought the real thing, but when the junk that they bought turns out to be bad, they think the legetament company is making inferier products. Can't say on this great forum what I really think of these people that produce this junk, and deliberately cheat unknowing folks, but I think you get my point. THANK YOU Titleist for looking into this. You all at Titleist are the best.

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