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Air coming out


I've noticed air is coming out of my 910d2 when I clean the club. I use water and alittle hand soap on a toothbrush and bubbles come out near the weight screw. Will this lower the performance of the club?

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  1. PAUL O

    wow! no response by anyone? am i the only one that notices the air coming out of the driver head.

  2. Quintin H


    I don't see how air would be coming out of the club, it would need to be pressurized to do what you are saying, and of course if it were pressurized it wouldn't be for long.

    So I'd say no one has seen what you are talking about.

    I'd take the club back to where you bought it.

  3. PAUL O

    I have pictures of the club when the driver is bubbling. It didn't happen just that one time, but almost everytime I wash the club(every round). I've talked to the store I purchased it from, and since the performance hasn't changed since I purchased it, they can't do anything about it.
  4. Dave D

    Are you playing in hot weather and cleaning in colder temps? Being hot for 4 hours followed by cooling down could result in pressure differences between inside and outside the club head. 

  5. PAUL O

    Lately i've been playing in hot weather(palm springs) but I've played in normal conditions and still had the problem. I clean with warm water in room temperature. It's not really a problem to me since performance hasn't changed, but just worried if the hole does get bigger over time will the performance deteriorate? Is this a warranty issue and be able to replace the head?
  6. A.J. H

    By the time that happens it is time for a new driver...
  7. Peter H

    I had air coming out of my driver as well while cleaning it with only water. The driver continues to be crazy long so who cares whats coming out of the head. What's interesting though,is that a Titleist rep hasn't commented!
  8. Brent W

    Post a Video on youtube and then send us a link he he. 

  9. Quintin H


    yes it is interesting that a Titleist rep has not responded.

  10. Cameron D


    I apologize for the late response.  The club is not hermetically sealed around that weight screw and there is a chance water will seep through the cracks when washing it with soap and water.  This will have no affect on the performance of the golf club, so if you start to get water leaking into the head of the driver, you can remove the screw and drain the head.  

    Feel free to contact Team Titleist if you feel there any further issues with your 910.



  11. David R

    I also see air bubbles come out around the weight screw when washing my 910 D3 and 910F. This isn't water cowing out. Is the club head pressurized in some way? Or is this condition caused by something else. Maybe should take screw out to let the rest of the air out!
  12. Peter M

    Hi there,


    I noticed air bubbles coming from the back of the head of my 910 D3 when cleaning yesterday. The club is about 18 months old. It this a common fault? What is my best course of action?


    Someon eplease advise.


    Peter M



  13. Don O

    If you are seeing the bubbles from an immersed head, you need to consider using a damp cloth only.  If there is fair amount of dried dirt and/or grass, I'll one with a light amount of dishwasshing soap and one rinsed in clean warm water.  AP1s, AP2s, and metals can all hold water if immersed.

  14. Peter M

    Thanks Don O.


    I may have been a bit unclear. Is is a 910 D3 445cc driver head.


    I have been in touch with the shop I ordered it from and they are will to assess it for me.


    Peter M

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