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I find Vokey's too heavy but want to play them


Maybe its me maybe it isnt but I find Vokey wedges too heavy.
I just compared the specs from the SM4 to my current setup TM XFT and found that the stock Vokey SM4 is playing to a D-5 swing weight and my current TM XFT is playing to a D4 swing weight.

Could the difference of a D-5 to a D-4 be that noticeable to someone? I am looking to order Vokeys through Wedgeworks but I just want to make sure that I find a better Vokey for my game than what is found off the rack.

Thanks for the help :friends:

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  1. Lou G

    A swingweight difference of 2 points isn't noticeable even to some pros. It could also be that the Taylor Made may have a lighter head and lighter grip. a lighter grip increases swingweight and a lighter head decreases swingweight (5 grams/point for the grip and 2 grams per point for the head). A change in uncut shaft weight of 20 grams = 1 swingweight point. Wedge A (a Vokey) has a 52 gram grip (Lamkin Crossline) and a ~300 gram head and a swingweight of D5. Now take Wedge A and put a 42 gram grip on it (like Winn Excel RF). To reduce the swingweight down to D4 you would have to change the uncut shaft weight by 60 grams. That is an overall club weight change of 70 grams. This would be changing a Dynamic Gold steel shaft to a graphite shaft. So now we have a graphite shafted wedge. Put a Winn Lite (which Taylor Made has been using lately; after all, Natalie Gulbis uses them) on. Changes the swingweight from Winn Excel RF by ~3.5 swingweight points. The head would have to be changed to ~293 grams to maintain D4. So now you have changed the overall weight of Wedge A by ~94 grams lighter.
  2. Potomac Golfer

    Conventional wisdom is that non-professionals can't detect the difference in 1 swingweight point. Wedges generally play to a heavier swingweight anyway. Shortening by 1/4" would reduce swingweight (1/2" shorter in steel generally means losing 3 swingweight points).
  3. Joe D

    The vokey sm4 wedges are the best things I have ever hit in my life. just get them and get use to them.
  4. Cameron D


    If you feel the SM4 are a little too heavy, consider sending them through WedgeWork Services.  There is an option to weight port your wedge, which will take 1-2 swing weight points off each wedge.  Click on the link below to learn more about this.



  5. Lou G

    I tried a TM gap wedge 4 years ago (what the heck?? the PX had them for $67). Didn't like it and put it on Craig's List (word to the wise... military exchanges don't allow returns on golf clubs unless they are unused). Vokeys do it all, period.

  6. Trey P

    I agree with what everyone has said, just figure out what you want to do. Going thru Wedge Works is a great idea. To further expound upon the swing weight topic, I have seen it first hand that the increase/decrease of swing weight by 1 is the weight of a $1 bill. Try it out at your local shop that has that equipment. I have noticed that Vokey's tend to be a little heavier as well, but only in the head. During the swing, I can't even notice the difference in my D-4 and D-5 swing weight wedges. Hope this helps.


  7. Adam62482

    Just an update on this thread... I am an all vokey guy now!!!!

    SM4 52 & 60 and a K Grind TVD as my 56 :)

  8. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Nice!  How is the K working as your 56?

    I switched shafts because I wanted a lighter Vokey and when my 58 K grind came, it felt too heavy (I shafted it with the NS pro 970 A flex).  It swingweighted out at D3-D4 and my wedges are usually closer to D1-D2.   Normally the 970 comes out lighter, but this felt very heavy.  My fitter convinced me to try it anyway, and I was very surprised at how well I hit it.  It is definitely my favorite wedge!

  9. Lou G

    Also, most golfers can barely detect a swingweight difference of 3 points.

  10. Adam62482

    I love it!!! I am thinking of getting a 60 degree K grind... or wait for the SM5

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