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735 CM iron set serial number question

Randell Harris

I have two sets of 735 CM irons. On one set the 6 iron only has serial number. On the second set the 3- PW each have the serial number. I'm used to seeing only the 6 iron in a set have a serial number. Why are they different? What does it mean if anything?

Thanks for the help.

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  1. Ken W

    A set that was built with stock specifications and designated for general sale will only have the serial number on the six iron. A set that was built in the custom department will have all the irons stamped. That set may have any number of customizations, lie, loft, something with the grip etc. It's also possible it has none! Check the specs or call Titleist Customer Service with the number and they will tell you.
  2. Randell Harris



    Thanks for the reply as it was informative and I learned something as a result. I may have to give them a call to find out more.

  3. MIke E

    Does the serial number have all numbers, all letters and a combination of both?

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