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Titleist AP3?


I love my 712 AP2's. Especially the 8,9,PW. Reducing the sole width for the short irons was a tremendous idea. I love the way they look, feel, play and yet still have the AP2 technology. Any chance Titlesit will come out with an AP3 set that offers a slightly smaller sole width throughout the set? I think that would be the only thing that would get me out of my current 712's!! Thoughts?

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  1. Cameron D


    We are always looking for better ways to design an iron that helps increase forgiveness, provide maximum workability, and allows for the best performance.  With how new the 712 irons are, we aren't quite sure what the new changes will be, but love to hear your feedback!




  2. J.D.

    It's been a great experience this year working with titleist and their equipment. Also, the customer service and my Rep Brian Murphy have been great to deal with as well.

     I have nothing bad to say about the AP2's. I got used to them very easily and very quickly. My ball striking improved, my scores are more consistant, my greens in regulations is up, my ball flight is higher with no distance loss. What more could a person ask for in their irons. I don't even notice the slightly thicker topline and sole anymore. I put the club behind the ball and just feel like a great shot is about to be hit. Being a head golf professional I haven't been out playing a tremendous amount this year so the forgiveness of the irons helped out as well. The only thing in my bag now that isn't titleist is my driver. Currently I bag the Razr Hawk Tour because it's very low spin. But, from what I have read about the 913 that could change very shortly as well. I tried the 909D3 and the 910D3 and found both heads to be a little to spinny for me. I cannot wait to get out to fairhaven either this winter or next spring and get fitted for the 913D3. I can't imagine anytime in the near future having any other equipment in my bag.


    Jeff Davenport

    Head Golf Professional

    Cold Spring Country Club

    Belchertown, MA

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