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Junior clubs

Jason G

Hi guys,

Could anyone tell me from the Team Titleist guys, if Titleist can make up clubs for young Juniors as other OEM's do? For a 3-5 year old? And make sure they are correctly swing weighted for a junior of that age?




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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    We can make up clubs that are 2-3" short of standard, but cannot make clubs for a 3-5 year old.  

  2. Jason G


    Ok, thanks for the reply anyhow, looks like i will have to go elsewhere then. No problem. Not much point in manufacturing and offering junior caps, gloves and shoes then if you can't be bothered to do the clubs for the kids to play with! Lol.

  3. Greg F

    I have a question for you Cathi,

    If you cut a shaft for a junior 1-1.5 inches. Do you reweight the heads? About what swingweight you are looking for for a junior?

    I have an 11 year old that is a beast with my AP1s and am strongly considering handing em down to him. He's about 4'11' and can has a SS >80*. He is 4'11". He chokes down about an 1" or 2" and can hit it just as far and sometimes farther than me! :(

    He loves Titleist clubs and uses a 54 and 58 vokey SM3 cut down 1" and a Mid Sur I cut down for him 31". He wants my AP1s!


  4. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Greg,  We will use the heaviest head possible, but it is usually more a question of proper length than swingweight.  Anything that short is going to be light, but necessarily so.  Jerry S has a young son about the same age as yours and he has cut down his equipment for him.  Tommy plays Titleist 909D3 driver with an Aldila NV A shaft, 909F 15 deg fairway wood, 909h 21 degree hybrid, AP2 irons 4-PW, 3 Vokey wedges 50, 54, and 58, and a Scotty Cameron Red X face balanced putter.  I will put you in touch with Jerry and he can tell you what he has done and how it has worked out.

  5. Jerry S

    Cathi, Thanks for the note alerting me of this thread because I missed it.

    As for the first poster, lots of manufacturers make beginner clubs for kids with 3 irons, 2 hybrids and a driver. These are fine to start with and if your kid is happy with them, it is probably good for them to learn to improvise with less clubs. But your kid will probably want 14 clubs like daddy. Also, some of the beginner sets have very floppy shafts so look for one with stiffer(relatively) shafts.

    Greg, Your son seems a lot like mine. He's 11, about the same size as your son and about the same swing speed. He's had 14 clubs for 3 or 4 years now and is on his 3rd set. 

    Tommy used some women's irons to make Junior worlds when he was younger and I certainly recommend that for serious 8 yr olds.

    I drilled and lightened some Vokey wedges for Tommy and he loved them. Wore them out. Now he's using standard weight heads and graphite shafts. I just pulled out his first set of graphite shafts and replaced them with a shaft that seems to be working better for him.

    I buy A flex shafts but when you shorten them of course they get stiffer. The stiffer shaft costs distance but increases accuracy. Seems to work ok. I spent 2 hours fitting and figuring the length of the shafts. I bought a mitchell bending machine (like they use at TPI for fitting) and I've flattend all his irons 2 deg but will gradually straighten them as he grows.

    Feel free to ask specific questions. --Jerry

  6. Greg F

    Hi Cathi and Jerry,

    Thanks and I appreciate the replies and recommendations.

    My son has been playing big bertha 08 womens for a season with US Kids Tour series metals (D, 5W hybrid). He's at the point that he cannot stand whippy shafts.

    I bought some Adams A7 in regular flex for a $100 and my son loves them! He feels they are lighter than the AP1s. So for right now he's going to play them choked down and see how it goes for a month. .

    He still plays his vokeys and his mid sur and plays the japanese Titleist VG3 ball and a black titleist bag. Gonna probably upgrade to a driver for him soon. So he still "hearts" Titleist.

    So unfortunately, I don't have an excuse to buy a new set of AP1s and justify it to the boss :(


  7. Dudley S


    My son is an accomplished 8yr old player who loves Titleist (I guess they all do).  I'd like to have a MB 6iron made for him to try.  While I understand that you can't make a club short enough for him, I was wondering what your thoughts would be on cutting one down.  I was specifically thinking of a MB 712 6 iron, 2deg upright and 2deg weak, with an L-Flex shaft, possibly the VS Proto T55.  The club would need to be cut down to around 31" which is more like 6" short of standard.  The main purpose is to see how his ball striking is with a club that is less forgiving.  I just don't know if this is a futile endeavor as the swing weight, shaft stiffness, etc. might be thrown off so much that the exercise doesn't yield anything useful.

    Many thanks,


  8. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Dudley,  You can have a 6 iron built at 2 up, 2 weak with a VS Proto Ladies shaft or the GDI 50 ladies shaft at 35.5" with the grip in the box so that you can cut it further.  At that length, swingweight is kind of a non issue (yes, it will be off the charts)- you are looking at getting the proper length.    There are not a lot of shafts made to be cut 4-5 inches so you might be better off looking for a used MB club and just reshafting it with a shorter ladies shaft or even a junior shaft so he can play around with it.  Or you could get an 8 iron at 34.5", bent 2° strong, 2 up with a ladies shaft and grip in the box.  

  9. Hasnain H

    Hi Cathi,

    I have 2 sons. One is 13 and the other is 10. They love Titleist and I was wondering if i could orders clubs their size? 

    The younger one is using the moxie set right now and the older one is using a Junior set from another manufacturer.



  10. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Husnain,  We do offer clubs 2" short of men's standard.  Do you know what length and lie your sons would need?  If not, I would recommend getting fit to make sure.  Most fitting accounts do charge for fittings, but will have a reduced rate for juniors. 

    Give us a call at 1-888-TITLEIST and we can help you locate a recommended fitter in your area. 

  11. Arnold R


    My daughter (12 1/2 years old with a 2.6 handicap and is 4 foot and 9 inches tall) really wants to get the AP2 with the Tour ADi 50 shafts but does not want to lose distance. She is currently playing the TM CGB MaxR7 ladies irons with 45 gram shafts. some questions:

    1) are we able get the the AP2 bent as stong as the lofts of the R7 CGB or close to it? FYI, she hits her 6 iron 125 to 130 yds carry

    2)What are the pros and more so Cons of getting stronger lofts? i hear it changes the bounce too when we do that

    3)What are your thoughts on combo AP1 and AP2s...maybe a 6 and 5 AP2 then a 7 to PW/GW ?

    4) does the Oceanside facility offer fitting on weekends? How much for fitting for the full bag (woods., irons, wedges and putter/ball) ? Any discount for juniors on both fitting and the clubs themselves? 

    Appreciate your expert advise on the above as we plan to start working on her game for the next season.

  12. victory mukenia w

    i really agree with you. iam a ten year old boy who uses a mixed set of clubs which are very heavy and a bit too big for me. iftitleist could please make affordable clubs for people like me, i would really appreciate.

  13. Jerry B

    same here. I'd like to hear what Titleist has for "little kids." Jerry B

  14. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    The AP2's can be bent 2° strong and the bounce will be reduced the equivalent amount.  It is something to take into consideration if a player takes deep divots or has a steep swing plane.  The TM CGB Max R7 - 6 iron is 26° which is stronger than an AP2 5 iron. 

    The better choice might be the AP1 irons - the 6 iron in that set is 29° and we can bend that 2° to 27°.  Not quite as strong as the Max, but closer. 

    Oceanside fits Monday through Friday at 9am and at 1pm and there is one fitting fee for everyone including juniors. Oceanside is where our PGA, LPGA and other tour players come to be fit, to hit balls when they are in town and to have their clubs tweaked (if needed).  The fitters that would fit your daughter are the same fitters that work with those players so they are very experienced.  They use a trackman and all fittng is outdoors on our fairways and wedge greens.  The fitting fee is strictly a fitting fee.

    The fee is $500 to be fit for drivers, fairways, hybrids, irons, and wedges and it takes about 3+ hours.  There is no putter fitting available.  The fittings can be done in categories:  drivers/fairways ($200) are one, hybrids/irons ($200) are another, wedges ($200) are a third and each takes one hour.  We have added a 913 fitting which is drivers/fairways and hybrds and that takes two hours and the cost is $300.  If you would like more information or would like to reserve a time, please call us at Team Titleist 1-888-TITLEIST or contact Andy at 1-888-262-7202.

  15. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Jerry B

    same here. I'd like to hear what Titleist has for "little kids." Jerry B

    Our clubs can be customized to accommodate shorter players whether they are juniors or women.  We have done some testing with driver lengths as short as 4" under standard which is 41" and they are playable, although out of our normal parameters. 
    We have not created "little kids" clubs for a young child, but as you have read in the thread above, they can be built to work for children as young as 10 years old, depending on their ability.
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