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Good Distances Between Clubs?

Frederick W

910 D3: 280 yards 910F 15 degree: 245 yards 910H 19 degree: 220 yards 712 AP2 4 Iron: 195 5 Iron: 180 6 Iron: 170 7 Iron: 160 8 Iron 145 9 Iron 135 Pitching W: 125 Vokey C-C 50.08:115 54.11: 105 58.08: 90

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  1. Nate S

    That's really good! 10-15 yard gaps are perfect.

  2. Gary D

    I play in the 80s just got new Titleist clubs I am 59 years old .with a around a 80 mph swing .titleist woods 913  driver and 3 wood. With 712 AP1 fairway clubs.what should the distance be between clubs.i use nxt balls as well.i just got my new clubs..........

  3. Don O

    If your driver head speed is 80, then 8-12 yards would be good.  You might need to look at 24/27 degree hybrids as replacements for 4/5 irons if you get less than that with the irons.  You might need to look at a 19/21 degree 5/7W fairway in place of or in addition to the 15 degree 3W.  This is the starting point of TItleist's recommendations for ball speed of 120.

  4. Skylar T

    I would say that my only concern would be the 25 yard gap between your 19 degree hybrid and your four iron.  As long as you have some kind of shot that you can play with the hybrid for that 205- 210 yardage you should be good.  I have very similar yardages to you but I play a 3 and 5 wood and then a 22 degree hybrid so I use that to cover my 205- 210 yardage.  I also only use a 3 wedge system (46, 52, 58) so thats why I'm able to use an extra wood.  

  5. Lou G

    You could always put a 19 fairway (which, for most, gives 5-10 more yards vs the hybrid) and a 21 hybrid.

    The other option is practice choke shots with the 19 hybrid.  The rule of thumb on full swings is you shave 10 yards off for every 1/2 inch you choke down.

    I carry 13* driver, 910F 19* (A3), 9 wood, 910H 27* (A2), 31H, 7-PW, 54-60-64 and putter.   What I have done with success on the 190-210 yard par 3s is hit a choke shot with a driver (since my 7W distance is 185-190; the 19F is set up as a 7 wood).  The gaps between the 19F-9W-27H are 15 yards.  10 yards gap per club between 27H-PW.  20 yards between PW and SW and 15 yards between SW-LW-XW.    I've been practicing choke full swing shots on all clubs as well as pitch shots from the 27H down; you need these kinds of shots in wind conditions.  I'm actually CAPABLE of 10-20 yards more on the fairway woods if I get on it but the distances I mentioned are with a conservative swing where accuracy is involved. 


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