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ap1/ap2 combo set

Gerald R

I went the other day to try out the ap1 712 and ap2 712. I only hit the 6 iron and hit the ap1 712 more consistently than the ap2 712. My pro suggested that I should do a combo set of the ap1/ap2.

He is going to have me hit the 8 iron in both and suggested that maybe I should go with the ap1 712 3 -7 irons and the ap2 712 8-P irons. What does anyone think?

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  1. Cameron D


    I would listen to what your Club Pro says.  It sounds like you will benefit from the feel of the AP2 in the shorter irons, which will help when it comes to those scoring shots.  It will also allow you to flight those shots better, giving you a little more shots in your bag.



  2. Gerald R


    Thanks for answering my post. Would it be beneficial to get the 7 iron in an ap2 as well. Also, should I order the ap1 with the lofts weakened to match the lofts of the ap2, the ap2 lofts strengthened to match the lofts in the ap1, or leave all lofts as standards. I was worried about gaping going from an ap1 7 iron to the ap2 8 iron.

    My pro recommended project X 6.0 shaft. Is the 6.0 similar stiffness to a true temper dynamic gold S400?

    On side note I am currently using dci black diamonds which clubs are more similar to the dci black ap1 or ap2?

  3. Cameron D


     I would recommend bending the AP1 lofts so they do match that of the AP2 lofts.  The 7 iron would be beneficial for you if you feel you are more consistent with the AP2, but again I would listen to what the Golf Pro recommended.  The 6.0 will play similar in flex to the S400, but the S400 will promote a lower launch and weighs more.  The DCI Black was very similar to the AP2 as it gave some workability with some forgiveness.  



  4. Gerald R


    I ended up ordering the ap1 3 and 4 iron and ap2 5-pw with project X 6.0 shafts, 2 degree upright, + 1 inch, and standard lofts. My pro asked the Titleist rep if I should get the ap1 3 and 4 iron 1 degree weak on the lofts and he told him that I should keep them at the standard loft. He told him that is what he recommends. Should I have got them 1 degree weak?

    When I went back and hit the ap2 and ap1 8 iron I ended up hitting the 6 irons again and hit both the ap1 and ap2 6 iron the same. My pro recommended that I should go with the ap2 5-pw then. The first time I went was my first time out this year swinging the club.

    Also, I am going to be ordering a 54 and 60 degree Vokey Wedges or 56 and 60 degree. Should I order these 2 degree upright and +1 inch. My pro told me that most people just get the stand lie in their wedges. I am assuming I should at least get them +1 inch.

    How long should it take me to get the clubs? I can't wait to play with them.

    Thank you for your help,


  5. Cameron D


    I would follow the recommendation of the Pro/Titleist Rep.  If at some point you feel that the yardage gap between them is off in any way, you can have them bent through our Repair Department.  Custom club orders usually take 2-3 days in house plus whatever shipping.  This is all assuming all components were available at the time of the order, which it looks like they currently are. 



  6. Scott M

    How have these irons worked out? I was thinking of getting a similar combo and was worried about the yardage gaps b/c of the loft differences. Thanks.


  7. Cameron D


    This has been a popular combination for players looking for combo sets.  Know that we can customize your lofts when you place your order, so that both models lofts stay consistent. 



  8. Mike C

    When I ordered my 712 irons, I ordered a 4 and 5 iron in both the AP1s and AP2s with the exact setup except the lofts in the AP1s were adjusted to match that of the AP2s for the correct distance gapping.  The thought was that I would benefit from more forgiveness in the 4 and 5 iron range (190 and 200 yards, respectively).  I played with the AP1s in my bag for a little while but ended up switching back to the AP2's for better feel on these shots.  It's going to come down to a personal preference for the best mix of feel, workability and forgiveness.

    I would also go with whatever setup recommendation your fitter is giving you after discussing your concerns with them  Everybody is different and the fitter has the opportunity to see you hit different shots and evaluate your specific needs.

  9. Lou G

    I have SM4 54-11 and 60-10 both bent 1* strong because I play AP1 PW and SM4 64-07.

    In regards to having the wedges remain at standard lie angle with the rest of the irons being upright.....    I play my irons at .5* upright, along with the 54.  My 60 and 64 are 1* upright.   That is what works for me.

  10. Alex M

    I'm a better than average ball strike with no issue for distance but I live the Titleist AP2 however, really want the help found in the AP1s. Any advice on a combo set ex. (AP1 4 or 5-6 or 7 irons) and/or AP2 7or 6-PW or AW)? Ready to pull the trigger and can't weight because I love the feel and accuracy of these irons.

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