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Titleist AP1 712

Jeff M

I just won a tournament today and won this set of titleist irons. Can anyone give me a technical comparison of these two. I love my MP 52's but these look nice also. Advise please. I don't mind gifting these to my cousin but she is a 20+ handicap.

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  1. Jerry S

    I don't know Miz but it looks like the MP52s are a cavity back for the low handicapper similar to the 712 CB which I play. If you won a tournament, you probably wouldn't want AP1s. That said, I think Ben Curtis just won a PGA tournament this weekend using AP1s. So low (or positive) handicappers apparently can play them, and play them well. But the AP1 would be the recommended iron for a 20 handicapper. --Jerry

  2. Don O

    Ben Crane also plays AP1/AP2 combo set.  That said, the MP52 is a more forgiving club than the true MB MP62 but still forged.  The AP2 or CB would have a more familiar feel.  The AP1 is a great club but still cast.  You'd probably lose some workability and feel with it.

  3. Cole R

    Titleist Ap1 712 are the best irons i have every played EVER!!!! DONT give them up!!! LOL

  4. Keano26

    I have a set of AP1 712s. They are the best clubs I've ever swung. Although they are for aspiring golfers, you need to be able to strike the ball somewhat well. Many people don't believe they are workable clubs, but that is not true. I can play a draw or a fade with the switch of my grip..easily. The launch and velocity off the club head is astounding as well. I honestly have nothing negative to say about these clubs. Fantastic irons. I'd keep them and use em.

  5. bcjames

    I love my AP! 712s.  Great feel and great forgiveness.  However, if you just won a tournament with the irons you have I wouldn't change anything right now.  If it ain't broke, don't fix it.  You still won an awesome set of irons though!

  6. eagle3

    I would like to comment on teh difference, but I believe that any comparisons should be made by staff or Pros that have used the various Titleist irons available. That said, congrats on teh win and if you want to test out the new clubs, do so, but stay with those that helped you win until you can jstify the change. Just remember that one of the Pros, in fact, several of them have changed brands recently and they are not making any headlines with their new clubs.  Must be something to staying with a  winning combination and brand.

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