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910 drivers face color

Leif H

So today I picked up my new Titleist 910D3 driver with an Aldila RIP 60 shaft that I had special ordered from Golf Galaxy. So stoked! But here’s the interesting thing..The 910 driver that I demoed when purchasing it, had a solid black face. And when I got my new driver today, the face was more silver/gunmetal in color (see picture attached). I thought this was weird so I took a second look at the demos and they were, like I thought, all black. So then I took a look at the drivers on the shelf for sale and most were the new gunmetal colored faces, although there were still a few ones with black faces. I asked the guy at Golf Galaxy about this and he really had no clue (not surprising). So I guess my question to the community is, is anyone else aware of these new face colors and why Titleist made the change? But more importantly, is the difference ONLY in the color? Is it still made of the exact same material and performs the same? In my experience, the black faced drivers make more of a “thwack”, whereas the gunmetal faces make more of a “ping”. Personally I like the thwack sound when I hit my driver and I just hope that the driver I received today performs exactly the same in every way than the one I demoed, and that the color change is purely aesthetic.

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  1. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Leif,  I spoke with our R and D department and sent them your picture.  We have a range of tolerance in the face finish (which is .00005" thick).  As the finish oxidizes, it will darken over time.  That is why the older "demo" heads were darker than the newer heads that were just received.  Can you give us a call with your serial number?  1-888-TITLEIST

  2. Neil H

    That finish you got is pretty cool looking!

  3. John L

    That's a beautiful driver there brother

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