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Is it possible? (putter question)

Kellen S

I'm wanting to purchase a Scotty putter, but there is one thing stopping me. I need a line on top of the putter (when staring down at address). I know there are models that have lines on the low part of the back of the putters, but I need the line closer to the ball. Visually, I can't have the small gap between the ball and the existing line. I know it sounds like I'm picky but I wonder if Titleist can mill a line on the top of a blade putter for me? Is this possible? Thanks for any help. 

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  1. KB24

    Simple answer is Yes, Yes and Yes.  you can send your putter to Scotty and have them all types of crazy things to it, there are other companies that can do similar things.  Question now is, how long you willing to wait to get your putter modified, with shipping back and fourth plus the work that needs to be done, it could be a month before you get your putter back

  2. Scott Golightly

    I know KB already answered this but I'll just vouch for that... they can mill one in there for you.

    Whole bunch of awesome work they can do.

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