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910 d3 vs. 913 d3

Guest U

i am looking at ordering a 910 d3 7.5 with a fubki tour stiff flex 73 gram shaft and have considered waiting on the 913 d3. is it worth the wait i like my current driver pretty well just looking for a little bit more forgiveness than what my ping i15 has to offer. what is gonna be the difference in the 910 and the 913. also will i be able to order the 913 in a 7.5 degree head

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  1. Alex K

    I heard the weighting is a lot better and that the club has a much better feel..... Can't wait to get of luck

  2. AJF

    I would absolutely wait.   Your are one month from the latest technology.  However my understanding is the 7.5 is a tour only head. Not sure if special order is possible. However the 8.5 with the right setting, I'm sure could achieve the ping 7.5 numbers.  PS. Make sure you get fitted for the right shaft then worry about the head degree.  

  3. Christian J

    If it was up to me, I would just wait.  However with Christmas coming up and you may be in a pinch, like the rest of us, go with the 910, because they will be going on sale pretty soon.  For degree I'm not sure if they will have a 7.5* but I reccomend that you et fit so they can set you up with a better setup.

  4. John L

    I have hit both the 910 and the 913 line. and i will tell you this. the ball flight is the same. the spin rate is the same for all intensive purposes it is the same. but what is diffrent is the sound at impact i would say the 913 dose sound better. and the 913 is designed with more forgiveness something like a 15 percent bigger sweet spot. and more ball speed on off center hits. If its forgiveness your looking for i would say pre order the 913.. if you were fitted for the 910 there is a good chance you'll have the same results with that shaft in the 913 head. i did.

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