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913 models

Andy M

Are there going to be 913 fairway metals (not just drivers)? Also, when are the 913 models coming out?

Thanks Team Titleist!

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  1. Cameron D


    Yes, there will be 913 fairway metals and hybrids as well.  The 913 drivers will be coming this November.  The 913 fairway metals and hybrids will follow a few months later. 



  2. Jason M


    Will the surefit hosel for the 910D2 driver also fit for the 913D2? 

    Thank you,


  3. memphisunited

    I think the surefit system will work with both 910 and 913. 

  4. ron p

    When are we going to see the 913

  5. Geoffrey B

    cant wait

  6. Cameron D


    913 Drivers will be offered in November.  913 Fitting Days will begin middle of October. 



  7. Cameron D


    Yes, but just for the driver and not the fairway or hybrid metals. 



  8. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    The 913 drivers will be launched in the beginning of November and yes, you will be able to transfer your 910 shafts to your 913's.

  9. Tim F

    Cathi will you be able to only buy the clubhead?  Or are they only going to be sold as a complete club?

  10. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Tim F

    Cathi will you be able to only buy the clubhead?  Or are they only going to be sold as a complete club?

    You won't be able to purchase just the clubhead, - complete club only.

  11. David L

    Hi Cathi -

    What are going to be the primary (i.e. non-aesthetic) differences between the 913 driver heads and the 910 driver heads?   Hoping there will be a bigger face area (or at least a larger effective hitting area).....


    David L.



  12. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi David,  The newly designed forged face insert will provide more speed across a larger area of the face.  There is an 11% increase in the maximum ball speed area vs the 910 drivers which means heel and toe mishits will be faster and go further.  The CG has been moved so that there will be less spin which also contributes to the increase in distance.

    More speed through the new insert

    Precision fit through the surefit hosel

    More distance, less spin with efficient weighting and improved CG location


  13. Hunter G

    Cathi, can you inform us on what types of hybrids and fairways will be available in February?

  14. Richard M

    I'm hit reply in error

  15. mark M

    i beilieve their coming out  in november that month some time

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