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CB's and MB's

Graham H

Hi Titleist, 

I have a question about which irons I should be playing. I am 13 years old and I play as a 2 handicap. I play lots of competitive golf in my area. Which irons do you think would best suit me? The new MB's or the new CB's? I could also do a combo set where P-7 would be MB's the the 5 and 6 would be the CB's.

Thanks so much!

Graham H

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  1. Christian P

    It all depends on how you hit the ball. I believe that someone can have a high handicap, yet still be able to play a cb or mb. (Mostly because they have a bad short game ;) ) If you strike the golf ball solid on every shot and you enjoy shaping the golf ball I would say that you should go for the combo set. Many players on tour don't play muscle back long irons any more. The cb and mb irons are a fun iron to play, plus you can brag to your friends that you play the same irons that Rory used to!

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