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913 h and 913 hd

Hunter G

I saw where titleist is releasing two hybrids this year. What are the differences and purposes of each one? Thanks.

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  1. chris c

    I was lucky enough to have Morgan Hoffman visit my workplace last week, ( I work at a golf simulator place near where he grew up so we had a celebration for him getting his tour card). And i got to see into his bag. He had all the 913's. They were so filthy. He had the driver, fairway, and hybrid. And your right, he had the 913 Hd hybrid. Now I have never seen the 913 H but i am assuming that the shape and what not is similar to that of the 910 H. I had my clubs with me and compared my 910 H to his 913 Hd and noticed that his was very small compared to mine. It looked great. It had that nice compact look that most people enjoy in a hybrid. So I really hope titleist releases it to the public, but i have looked around on the internet and the general consensus is that they will have it be tour only, which is a shame because its a great looking club. But if you never get to see it, take my work for it, its gorgeous.

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