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A few questions on the new 913 series

bob l


I wanted to know if it is possible to get the Fujikura Speeder 904Hb for the new 913H 21* ?

Will the 913 Hd and the 913 fd LOW SPIN also be released for the public ?

What will the stock shafts be for the new woods and hybrids ?

Thanks in advance


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  1. bob l

    Any help??

  2. bob l


  3. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Bob,

    Here is the thread on the 913 hybrids and fairways - if you want to read the entire thread, here is the link:

    You will see two hybrids on tour - the 913h and the 913 hd. and two fairways, the 913F and the 913Fd.  The engineers redesigned the hosels of both, so shafts from your 910 fairway and hybrids will not be backwards compatible.  The redesign of the hosel allows us to reposition the weight into the new bezel weight to reduce spin and increase speed. 

    The 913 fairway will be about the same size as the 910, and due to the new face insert and the repositioning of the CG, it will have the same launch, less spin and higher speeds for more distance. 

    The Fd will produce a flatter ball flight than the F and will have lower spin.  It will launch slightly higher than the 910 Fd so it will be for players that want to lower spin, not just the player who hits it off the tee.  We will offer the 913F in 13.5°, 15°, 17°, 19° 21° and the 913Fd will be in 13.5° and 15° At this time, there is an 18° Fd on tour, but it is being tested on tour only.

    There is a 913h and a 913hd on tour.  The 913h is the hybrid that will be introduced in the beginning of February.  The CG has been moved so that it will have higher ball speeds and less spin. The shape has been rounded for a more appealing look at address.  The Hd is similar to Fd in that the surefit weight is positioned more forward to produce a more driving, lower spin flight.  The Hd is currently being tested on Tour only. 

    The Fujikura hb shaft will be available for the 913 hybrid and the five stock shafts will be the new plus series Mitsubishi White (D) and Blue (S), the Aldila RIP Alpha and RIP Phenom and the Bassara W.

  4. stuart c

    Cathi, thank you for the details above. Will those be the same stock shafts available for the 913 drivers?  I know I can use my Made for Titleist Kaili  65 stiff in the new 913 but will the plus series Blue be the likely best new option for me? 

    I bought the 910 D3 because it was lower spinning than D2 but from what I am reading both the 913 drivers will have the same spin characteristics, is that true?

  5. Ty W

    Cathi -

    So the FW and hybrid shafts are not backwards compatible between the 913 and 910 models. What about the driver shafts? Is the hosel redesigned on the 913 model driver as well?

  6. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    The 913 D2 and 913 D3 will spin and launch very similarly.  The 913 D3 will produce a slightly flatter ball flight (won't peak as high) and will not be as easy to turn over as the D2. 

  7. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Ty W

    Cathi -

    So the FW and hybrid shafts are not backwards compatible between the 913 and 910 models. What about the driver shafts? Is the hosel redesigned on the 913 model driver as well?

    The driver shafts are backward compatible.  You can use your 910 driver shaft in your 913 and vice versa.  If you have a 910 fairway or hybrid shaft that was built by us and it was not worked on or changed, we will offer a retipping service if you want to use it in your 913 fairway or hybrid. We will not retip or tip a shaft that was not built with the adapter by us. 
  8. Christopher M

    Cathi - About how much will the cost be for the retipping service on a fairway or hybrid?  Also, do I have to be the original purhaser of the shaft?  If I have one I bought from a friend who had origially purchased from Titleist, can it be retipped?  Thanks  Christopher

  9. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge

    Hi Christopher,  As long as the shaft and the adaptor match (were built by us), we will retip it for you.  The MSRP cost is $45.00.

  10. Kyle T


    I know the 913F and 913H adapters are different due to different shaft sizes, but if I wanted to use a .335" shaft, will the 913F surefit adapter physically fit a 913H head?



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