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Golf Pride grip sizes?



I am about to order some grips from Golf Pride, the Multicompound grips (white and red), but it says the core size is 60 round?

I don't knot what that exactly means, but I need a standard thick grip, and isn't that about 56-58 round? Anyone who can guide me here?

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  1. Cameron D

    There are a couple factors you need to consider when determining the standard grip size: shaft butt diameter and grip core size. Our standard is a 58 round on a .600 shaft butt diameter.  Meaning, if you buy those Mulicompound grips (60 round) and put them on a standard Dynamic Gold shaft, then you will want to add an extra wrap of tape to build it to standard. 

    Make sense? 



  2. Chris

    Thank you Cameron, it makes sense yes, but can you help me here.

    I have following:

    Driver: Diamana Blue X73

    3-Wood: Project X 83g 6,5

    2-PW: Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100

    54 and 60 SM4: Dynamic Gold Std Shaft S400

    Which Golf Pride Multicompound grip should I get for standard thick size with one layer of tape?

    Hope you will help me!

  3. Ryan L

    get the .580 (58) its the butt size of the shaft. Most commonly the 58.

  4. Rick S

    I'm prett sure the Golf Pride Multicompound grips only come in 60.  When  I was fitted for Titleist clubs, and stated my preference for the Multicompound grips the fitter stated I would need to go with two wraps.

  5. Chris

    Yep, mostly all of Golf Pride's grips come in .60 Round. But I don't understand, if .58 is standard, then is .60 thicker right? So I still need two layers of tape on all my shafts? What is happening if I only go with one layer?

  6. Chris

    Cameron, or anyone Else? No one can tell me?

  7. Jerry R

    A 58 round on a 60 shaft is oversized, but is the standard for Titleist.  If you put a 60 round on a 60 shaft that is considered industry standard size. but would be considered undersize to Titleist specs.  Therfore, you need to add one wrap to get to Titlest standard.  That is why Cameron says you need to add a wrap to get to standard (in his reply).  I hope this helps and I'm sure Cameron will clarify.

  8. Ken W

    Cameron told you correctly in his post. Install the Multi-Compound .60 grips with one extra wrap of tape (2 total) and they will be the same thickness as the Titleist grips that come out of the factory.

  9. CW

    If you will go to Golf Pride's website under the FAQ section and the question about "in-between" grip sizes, you will find a matrix that tells you butt dimater and core size of grips with one wrap of tape to get to a desired size/feeling. You can also go to most manufacturer's websites to obtain butt size of shafts - typically, the club companies will ahve that information as well.

  10. Mark A

    Dear Titleist,

    I have the Titleist Tour Velvet 360 on my AP2 irons dynamic gold S300,, and same grips on my 913 diamana shaft woods.  I would like to use the same grips going forward but Im not sure of the butt size on the shafts? .58 round or .60 round?  Do I need to use standard tape or build them up if the S300 is a .60 size shaft?



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