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Cody D

I'm finally ready to buy a Scotty Cameron and I just wanted to ask what my best course of action should be? I want it done right. I have an idea of the three putters that I have in mind after playing around with all of them for a few weeks. Right now I just want it cut and bent to my specs. I will customize it but that will be later on. I can talk to the pro at a PGA Superstore or should I talk to the local Titleist fitter here in Chicago? Experienced TT members and Cameron veterans, what should I do? Thanks guys

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  1. marvin f

    Very important to do this right ....I would go with the local Titleist fitter.

  2. Clifford M

    Cody, I've used Scotty Cameron putters for about 15 years in varying lengths and head weights.  I am a two time attendee of the Titleist Performance Institute in Oceanside and have a couple of observations that may help with your decision making process.  Cutting down a shaft is the worst thing you can do to what you feel now with whatever you like about the three putters.  A shorter shaft requires a heavier head to maintain the feel, as the shorter shaft effectively stiffens the shaft and as a result, makes the head of the putter feel lighter.  Loft and/or lie angle should be done by an experienced club fitter, as what I love about Scotty's putters is that they set up absolutely square.  If a putt goes off line, it's operator error (me) rather than a putter that sets up slightly open or slightly closed at address.  Before I would let a fitter tinker with the loft or lie of one my Scotty's (I've got 5 of the exact same Newport Beach from 1993), I would send it to Scotty's custom shop and let them do it.  Same with shaft length.  Whatever you like will be changed completely if you alter the shaft length or lie/loft of the Scotty's you like if it's done by someone other than Scotty.  I would encourage you to allow the custom shop to alter your putter(s) to maintain the feel that lead you to choose them to start with.  I am not a spokesperson for Titleist, Scotty Cameron, or the TPI (I swear).  I do however, swear by the work they have done for my golf game, and would trust my sticks to no one else.  Of the things I've said so far, the most important one for me, based on what I infer from your selection process is shaft length.  I can't stress enough how much feel changes by just cutting down the shaft and not altering the weight of the head.  Bottom line, trust your flat stick to Scotty and you will get a putter back that feels like what you liked to start with, but fits you the way you want it to.  Hope this helps.

  3. John L

    Titleist fitter is the way to go. they will have the best information and give you the best titleist support.

  4. Justinu3

    Defintely get fit.  Or at a minimum try different lengths and neck styles so you can pick one that fits your set up and your eye.  I am a plumbing neck guy but thought I was 35".  Recently cut it down to 34" and it's rolling so much better!!

  5. Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge


    HI Cody,  Go see Joe Burdess - (309) 696.6263 over at the Glen Club  or Kevin Weeks at Cog Hill

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